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Visiting Harvard, Part 2

16 Apr

After Saturday’s game at Harvard Golf & Country Club, we played at Darulaman Golf & Country Club the next day as it was closer to the house. That morning’s sunrise wasn’t as vibrant as the previous morning.


However, it wasn’t like Harvard with no other flights in sight. We were sandwiched between two noisy and irritating flights. The course layout was very tight with some tee boxes of each hole ahead situated in close proximity to the green of the hole before. So what happened ahead or behind basically could be heard clearly and loudly.

Several times the flight in front, at their tee box, group-laughed and whooped loudly when a tee-off launched errantly towards the line of trees at the side (instead of the fairway) whilst I was addressing my ball to putt. Hrmph.

This wasn’t the only antics we had to deal with. The group behind… They too, would group-laugh and whoop loudly too when they missed their putts whilst I was addressing my ball to tee-off. Double hrmph… It’s a whole new experience as you’d never know what you will encounter on the golf course. Those pesky flies yesterday were nothing in comparison.

I wouldn’t mind if the flight behind us drove a bad wayward tee-off, which they did, borrowing our side of the fairway (told you the layout’s tight) as we approached for our second shot but all these noises and disturbances are really quite unnecessary. Perhaps they don’t realize how loud they were. Sigh… golf etiquette shouldn’t just be limited to the flight one is in but for the surrounding too.


Flat, wide and dry

The grounds at Darulaman are hard and dry too just like Harvard. Both games, I found myself using my Cleveland Launcher 5-wood (I removed the Maruman 3-wood) and Cleveland 3-hybrid more than the long irons, and gained much yardage as the ball could bounce and run. Nice.

Despite the disturbances and pace, we managed to finish our game in a little over fours hours; the golf course being a buggy-on-course helped. After lunch, by 1.30pm the weekend escapade was over and we were on our back to KL.




Is There Hope for Our Society?

18 Nov

We live in a dangerous city. Everyday we hear and read news of unfortunate mishaps to innocent victims and the perpetrators get away with it. Gone were the days where I could just walk on the streets without fear. Nowadays, even when I drive, I have to be constantly alert, what more driving my big continental car.

Hubby and I have become another statistic to the ever increasing crime of smash and grab in our city. Only that this time, the car was parked whilst we were having dinner inside the restaurant after our golf game.

It was Sunday and there was a downpour after the usual monthly golf game. The group was to proceed to the restaurant about a half hour drive from the golf course. Rain had stopped by then and parking was sparse within the compound. We had no choice but to park outside, in front of the premise though. As there were parking attendants, we didn’t think twice about it.

Dinner was typical after a golf game, with hungry mouths chowing down on warm food on a cold night. The mood was also jovial with laughter and prize giving to the winners. After everyone dispersed, we stayed on for a bit longer, chatting with the remaining friends. But soon, we decided to leave.

Midway walking to the car, hubby said he had to go to the bathroom before the journey home. So I walked on to the MPV since I also had a set of keys. I opened the door and got it. Normally, the car lights are not turned on when the doors open. We just happen to set the car this way. I didn’t realize anything until the traffic drone was louder than normal to the ears.

I turned around, squinted my eyes and to my horror, saw the back window (behind the driver’s side) smashed! I looked down and felt my heart dropped. Both the Boston bags were gone. Shaken, I got down and checked the boot. Luckily both golf bags were still there. Phew!

Then I saw hubby approaching and waved frantically at him to alert him to the situation. I could sense him being very upset yet remained very quiet. He doesn’t rant like I would if I was riled. Perhaps I was too stunned to do so at that point in time. We summoned the parking attendants who then alerted their boss. The useless man was, well… useless. Not offering any apology or comfort, he just stood there and remained being useless.

We gave up. There’s nothing we could do but to hurry home before the threatening skies open up again with another downpour. While I am thankful both of us were not harmed, I seethed with annoyance that my orange ONOFF bag was gone; in it, my birthday present Footjoy shoes and team uniform! The same for hubby. Silently, I cursed whoever took our bags to hell twice over.

We got home and I got the duct tape while hubby went in search for a giant trash bag. He dusted away the glass shrapnels on the carpet as best as he could. It was obvious that the job was a professional one, with suction caps to physically remove the window once it cracked upon contact with whatever they used to break it. Why I say it was a professional job because there was very little evidence of a hard hit as glass pieces were not shattered and littered everywhere, inside or outside of the car.

That night was the quietest ever. Grim and upset, I felt violated. Thank goodness the night passed quickly.

Today I went about with my things, breaking away from routine a bit to clear the mind. It was after lunch when hubby received a call from a Good Samaritan! The lady said she found our two bags at a factory nearby. Details are sketchy but she said, there were stuff inside the bags and she found a business card (hubby’s) and called.

Maybe there is hope for our society. I hardly hear or come across someone like her who would go through the trouble like what she did for us. Maybe our stinky after-game clothes put the perpetrator off; maybe the things are really of no use to him/them; certainly the things are of no value to anyone in particular. Whatever it is, the fact that the lady called gives hope that society is sensitive enough to the victim(s).

Hubby is on his way now to collect the bags.