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The ‘Kaepoh’

27 Oct

‘Kaepoh’ means busybody in the Hokkien dialect and official pet number one, Rooney is totally one. With the recent birdhouse set up in the garden, the ‘Kaepoh’ was sniffing at the base and the empty birdseed shells scattered on the ground yesterday evening. And when hubby was replenishing the birdseeds, he wanted to eat some!

Several nights ago, when the tortoises were given some juicy watermelon, the ‘Kaepoh’ wanted some too, barking in demand to be given a share as well. Sheesh…

Silly ‘Kaepoh’ of a senior citizen who cannot stand the fact that others eat and he does not. Maybe he should be labelled a glutton as well.

I Wanna Go Home

17 Feb

There has been an increase of fireworks display in our housing estate within a span of 16 days. From the eve of the Lunar New Year, the 9th Day (commemorating the belief that the Jade Emperor protected Hokkien ancestors from being caught) to the 15th Day, Chap Goh Meh, the family has had to endure loud crackling noises and explosions; yet at the same time, admire in awe the beauty and colors of these generous private fireworks by our neighbors.

Every evening Rooney comes out to the garden at the back to play. However, on these particular nights, my poor Roo is scared senseless and barks non-stop as if pleading, “I wanna go home!” and wants us to accompany him back to the kitchen. Poor fella. He may be a fierce looking pooch but he’s such a baby when it comes to simple things like being independent or going back on his own.

Well, the Lunar New Year is officially over and peace will prevail again in the skies and neighborhood until another festive occasion comes around.