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Who’s Lying?

25 Jan

Some hotels like to put a weighing scale in their room bathrooms. Whatever the intention is, for better or for worst, I don’t appreciate it. I could don’t stand on it but sometimes resistance is futile. Or curiosity kills the cat.

When we were in Singapore last December, Ibis Bencoolen being a small city hotel, did not have a bathroom scale. So it was pretty much a guilt-free vacation. But when we were in Lone Pine Penang, there was an electronic scale.

And the freaking machine stated that I was 2kilos more than my usual trusted scale at home! Who’s lying?

Am I really that heavy? Is my trusty home scale whom sometimes I battle with, not telling me the truth? Hmm…

M2 was philosophical. She said resort scales don’t want guests to overeat, hence the extra numbers. Gee thanks, either I was over-eating in Penang or I am really two over.