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Taking the Plunge

1 Jun

I finally decided to update the OS on my iPhone5S after the prompt to update to iOS10.3.2 came two days ago. 

Two reasons for taking this plunge after holding out for so long – I finally backed up my phone. I didn’t do this previously because of space issues on the laptop and compatibility problems with the old computer but now with a new computer in the office, I have synced my phone to it.

Second reason being, I would like to donwnload some new apps that I was unable to previously because the minimal requirement is iOS 8.0 and my phone’s still at iOS7.1.2! Yes, my phone’s such a dinosaur like me. 

Put it this way, I don’t have Uber on my phone and I think this app is far more important than Candy Crush, which I have deleted from my phone several months ago. Candy Crush Saga is now limited to the laptop only because it’s also gone from the iPad.

Thank goodness after the update, the phone did not have any major issues like my iPad Mini two years ago after its update. Phew! Although I have no regrets holding out for so long, I must admit it’s a timely decision because a lot of my go-to apps have updates. And possibly an older OS on the phone may not be compatible. Well, I don’t need to face this predicament from today onwards.

So Silly of Me, Part 2

18 Nov

Ever since I went past Level 525 in Farm Heroes on the iPad, the app quits every time it’s launched. Hrmph! So annoying. I have to resort to playing on my old iPhone 4, yes, the old faithful, on top of my iPhone5S. I am now at Level 566.

To be frank, I noticed this (the quitting) has become more frequent after several update releases and the introduction of iOS8. I am still holding out on the update of the OS for my iPad.

How do I deal with the situation? I’d do a complete shut down of the iPad, count to ten or more and turn it on again, then the app is fine. I just have to remember to do this more often whenever I hit this snag. So silly of me… otherwise I have to carry two phones again and bring the laptop (especially for Candy Crush) to the office to carry on with my games.

A Little Bit Unstable

14 Oct

The recent October update for Farm Heroes is a little bit unstable. I would be in the midst of harvesting the fruits when the app would just quit unexpectedly. This has happened several times already, wasting a life and a bumper harvest.

I am just wondering if it is due to the fact that I have yet to update my iPad to OS8. I am still holding out on the OS update as I feel the new features does not quite benefit me. Furthermore, I have heard that it can slow down the device especially if the unit is an old one. Now my iPad Mini is the first generation and so far, it’s been fast and I am happy with it. So I don’t want to spoil things. If this is the case, maybe I have to accept the fact that my farm will crash every now and then.

Should I or Should I Not?

19 Sep

Apple recently launched its new phones and OS. Now I am wondering should I upgrade (so soon again) when I had just upgraded not too long ago to my current iPhone5S? Several months back, my iPhone4 gave up on me and I had no choice and couldn’t wait for the new phones. How can one live without a phone?

Looking at the situation, it is most likely I will not change as I have already gotten used to my phone. But I am wondering whether to update the OS or not. I recall griping over the OS and how ugly it was especially over the message bubbles but in time, I have gotten used to it (the bubbles) and the OS. It was radical then the jump from OS6 to OS7 but with the new OS8, reviews have said it is not that radical an update but there are features that are promising, so maybe… perhaps it’s best to let the few million Apple users be the guinea pig first before I make a decision.

Then again, with Farm Heroes’ latest update, it seems to be rather unstable especially on the iPad. Although the fix was for a notification bug and nothing related to preparing it for the new OS8, it’s acting up and causing unnecessary loss of lives to play. If this continues, I may not wait for the millions of guinea pigs’ feedback and just update the OS on the iPad.