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Farm Heroes No More

23 Jan

I have stopped playing Farm Heroes on my iPad, iPhone and the laptop. After such a long time at it, I find that I cannot go pass Level 1105, so no point in continuing the game. It was fun while it lasted.

As for my other games, I still do Candy Crush Soda (to collect the Daily Bonus) and Candy Crush Saga (on the office computer occasionally as it has been deleted from the iPad and iPhone) besides the two Monster Busters.

There does not seem to be a whole of appealing games offered these days, at least to me. Maybe it’s for the better as I can stay off my devices and go back to reading (which I did) and carving (which I will).


500 Days

4 Jan

I thought it’s significant that I reached Day 500 today on the iPad Mini for the Daily Bonus in Candy Crush Soda. Yep, 500, it’s crazy. It’s Day 299 on the iPhone5S.

I don’t know why I am still at it when I have sort of stopped playing. Actually I can’t go pass Level 1473. Sigh…

HK Day 4: Tsim Sha Tsui 

16 Dec

Time flies when you are having fun. It is our fourth day already and I feel like we’ve done so much yet not enough. Today we will go across to Kowloon to do some serious eating and shopping. After yesterday’s 6.7km effort, look out Tsim Sha Tsui!

The last two days, out of the blue, my iPhone5S acted up. Frozed several times whilst I was taking pictures. Aargh. Why? Why now? I noticed the camera app has been a wee bit slower than normal. Maybe it can’t take the holiday stress with so many pictures? Hmm… I hope nothing serious. I don’t need to change to a new phone although the huge Apple stores here have been very enticing.

Multi levelled and so brightly lit, the Apple stores were also packed with customers. Yesterday at IFC, a lady stood outside the store offering to sell an iPhoneX that she just bought. And of course one would pay for it at a much higher price. No, I don’t need this. So my phone better behave so that I can take more memorable pictures for today’s outing.

Should I Update?

29 Sep

Not too long ago, I finally updated the OS on my iPhone5S to iOS10. I held out for the longest time because of one bad update moment that crashed my iPad Mini and it left me in fear. I had this silly notion that the same fate would happen to my phone, so I remained at 7.1.2 like a dinosaur.

Thankfully nothing tragic happened and I must say I am happy with the performance of my phone with the new OS. There was more space and apps that I couldn’t download before because of OS incompatibility are no longer an issue.

There is a new OS now, the iOS11. And I am just wondering should I update? M2 updated her iPad Mini 4 without problems and gushed that it’s awesome. My iPad Mini, being such an old device has maxed out already for its OS but my phone can still be updated.

Should I? Hmm…

Still At It

28 Sep

I’m still at Candy Crush Soda after so long and it’s more to collect the daily rewards than crush any candies honestly. The continuity is ridiculous – close to 400 consecutive days on the iPad and 200 days on the iPhone. Sometimes I don’t even play the game!

As for Candy Crush Saga itself, the game is only played on the laptop or desktop if I have time. Will I ever give up?


Crazy Dedication

19 Jun

Sometimes games with daily rewards can make one to be obsessed and dedicated beyond reason. I am certainly guilty of this. While I have removed Candy Crush Saga from both my iPhone and iPad, I could not for Candy Crush Soda because of its daily rewards appeal. Unlike other apps that run this on a weekly basis, Soda’s rewards program goes on forever.

So for the last 300 and 100 days, I have been diligently going into the app on both my iPad and iPhone respectively to collect the daily rewards. If I miss a day, I have to start all over again and I just cannot bring myself to break this. Silly.

Sometimes I go in just for this and don’t even play the game! Crazy dedication is what it is.

On the iPhone, it’s Day 100

On the iPad, it’s Day 300!!!

Taking the Plunge

1 Jun

I finally decided to update the OS on my iPhone5S after the prompt to update to iOS10.3.2 came two days ago. 

Two reasons for taking this plunge after holding out for so long – I finally backed up my phone. I didn’t do this previously because of space issues on the laptop and compatibility problems with the old computer but now with a new computer in the office, I have synced my phone to it.

Second reason being, I would like to donwnload some new apps that I was unable to previously because the minimal requirement is iOS 8.0 and my phone’s still at iOS7.1.2! Yes, my phone’s such a dinosaur like me. 

Put it this way, I don’t have Uber on my phone and I think this app is far more important than Candy Crush, which I have deleted from my phone several months ago. Candy Crush Saga is now limited to the laptop only because it’s also gone from the iPad.

Thank goodness after the update, the phone did not have any major issues like my iPad Mini two years ago after its update. Phew! Although I have no regrets holding out for so long, I must admit it’s a timely decision because a lot of my go-to apps have updates. And possibly an older OS on the phone may not be compatible. Well, I don’t need to face this predicament from today onwards.

The Prettiest Grocery List

14 Apr

Whenever I do groceries, I have to have a list. It’s a habit of mine that I prefer the old fashion paper and a pencil to check things off over a list keyed into my iPhone.

Sometimes I even add little doodles next to the items to make the list easier to see than read. After all, I am an artsy person, why not apply my skills to make the mundane more interesting?

When M2 was younger, I used to make her do my grocery list. There was once after she was done, she said excitedly, “Mummy! Here… You now have the prettiest grocery list!”

“See the flowers? They are growing!”

Indeed, my grocery list had very neat cursive hand-writing peppered with some decorations and a short sequence of the growing flower, from pod to bloom.

Pretty. I should make her do my grocery list more often these days.


10 Apr

At the height of the Harry Potter years, M2 like every other fan, was Harry Potter crazed. She would read and re-read the books and knew lines by heart. It was rather heart-warming to see her (and M1 as well) do so much reading.

But thank goodness the craze was limited to just the books and not any collectibles although there were some Lego sets purchased. And both girls have a magic wand each, gifted from a friend who went to the Harry Potter theme park. I remember one day, many years ago, M2 came to me with a butterbeer recipe and asked if we could make it.

The beverage was of course served in the wizarding world of Harry Potter and back then, she thought it would be awesome if she could drink what Harry and friends drank. I still have the recipe, dating back to 2012 in my iPhone. I think we tried making it only once but don’t recall the outcome.

Fast forward to two weeks ago, at our local grocery store, lo and behold we saw a bottle of butterbeer! Of course we had to purchase it to try. And I must say it was quite refreshing but once the coldness ebbed away, the sweet side of the beverage became too much. Well, if we never tried, we would never have known.

I just wonder will this lead to a renewed interest in reading the books all over again? Only time can tell.


You Gotta Look Up!

14 Mar

Two weekends ago, I had to go to the office to get something. As I was walking towards the elevator, this guy almost walked into me because he was not looking ahead but at his smartphone. Hrmph.

Nowadays I see a lot of people walking on the streets do not look at where they are going. Instead, they are constantly looking down at their smartphones, busy replying messages, reading status updates or even playing games. What these people don’t realize is how dangerous this is.

Firstly they don’t see where they are going and just walking blindly. Secondly they become oblivious to the surrounding and are not alert as to who or what are in their path. If something were to happen, chances are they would be caught off guard. I could have bumped the guy and have that smartphone knocked off his hands!

There was once I was caught off guard with my surrounding. And this was dinosaur years ago, an era without smartphones and it’s enough to leave a permanent scar.

I had just gotten off the PATH train from Jersey City at the World Trade Center in New York City. Remember this was dinosaur years ago and the World Trade Center still existed. On that fateful day, after I got off the train, I withdrew some cash from the ATM machine and was heading to the office on Broadway.

Somehow on that particular mid-morning, I was a bit dreamy and had my earphones plugged in, oblivious to my surrounding. I was heading down the stairs to get onto the subway when a foul smelling homeless guy bumped into me along the stairs!

I did not panic or whatsoever because I couldn’t hear what he was saying. My music was blasting so loud, I wasn’t paying attention and was totally caught off guard.

He grabbed me by my collar, gave me a shake and came close to my face; I could not avoid his reeking alcohol breath. Ugh, puke… With his other hand near my cheek, hiding a blade, he repeated himself.

One earphone dislodged from my ear when he shook me again and this time, I heard him, “Give me all your money or I’ll cut up you f@*king face.” Some things you remember for life, like this instance.

And still, I did not panicked. It took awhile before I registered what was happening. And when I realized what was going on, the first thought that came to my mind was ‘Oh crap! I just withdrew some cash!” Not a thought of my safety but the money! Geez.

I was being mugged in broad daylight at the World Trade Center! All because I wasn’t paying attention to my surrounding. Amazingly, there wasn’t anybody coming up or going down the stairs because the trains had left and the crowd dispersed so quickly.

“What…?” I said.

By now, I think a good few seconds passed but it felt like forever. Before I could react, thank goodness, someone did come up the stairs and disrupted the scene. Foul smelling guy released my collar and incredulously said, “Thank you for your time!” and hurried off up the stairs.

It was only at that exact moment that I panicked. I flew down the stairs (thankfully, I did not trip and tumbled down) and in haste, crossed the turnstile and prayed for the train to hurry up. The train came and I jumped in.

By then, both my legs were trembling when I sat down. Gosh! What a close call. The two years that I had lived in New York City and Jersey City, I never once had any trouble because I was always alert and aware of my surroundings. But this one time on an off chance of not being aware, I almost became a mugging statistic. Shudder, it could have ended badly. Thank goodness it didn’t.

From then on, I always, always pay attention to my surrounding and never fiddle with my iPhone5S whenever I am walking on the streets. One must always look up for you may never know what you will bump into or who may bump into you.