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11 Jan

Once upon a time, when I was just 20 months old, I followed my older sibling to kindergarten and loved it. And I kept following him to school until Mom had no choice but to enrol me. 

During the first few days, I was such a quiet little child and coped well, Mom was relieved it worked out fine. But after one term, the Report Card came back and it stated I was a “Chatterbox” and very talkative in class…

I guess some things don’t change, the chatterbox in me even when I am down with laryngitis.

It’s a new week and I have not recovered from my laryngitis. Some people think I sound sexy; M2 thinks I sound cute. I am just a little thankful that at least some sound comes out, awful as it may be.

Maybe it’s because I have been talking too much, straining my voice box that it is taking so long to recover. I can’t help it. Unless I stay home and vegetate, when I am out I have to talk.


Where Did Time Go?

31 Oct

It’s a significant milestone today not because it is Halloween but my firstborn, M1, has graduated from high school. Where did 17 years go?

It seemed like only yesterday when I was waddling like a penguin and pregnant with her, dizzily happy that our little family was about to grow. Wasn’t it just two days ago, when my heart cracked a little as we sent her off to kindergarten, teary-eyed and frightened yet putting up a brave face? And when M2 came along, the labor pain was all worth it.

Gosh, although living through 17 years may be a long time but looking back and reliving it is not. The journey has had its fair share of ups and downs, from dealing with a demanding baby to boisterous toddler and defiant teenager to matured young adult, you name it, we went through it.

To many more years to come, M1, I love you.

Okay I think I’m gonna bawl…


23 Dec

Recently, I found my old Palm T device and decided to boot it up, which was a good thing for I discovered many recordings that I did of the two girls when they were very young.

Listening to the old voice recordings brought much laughter and memories back.

M2 was just kindie-going when she first learnt how to spell. I guess ‘RED’ is the first one a toddler learns in school. And along with it, they also learn how to spell their name.

It was at a family Christmas gathering that we put her on the pedestal, proudly to show off what she has learnt that first year.

“Spell your name,” I gently coaxed her.

Loudly and confidently, she went,“R-E-D. Mabel Red!” Surprise caught everyone then laughter broke out in the family.

“Mabel red?” I asked, wide-eyed.

“Yes. I am Shiny Red Apple,” she beamed at me. Well, it was Christmas, spirits were high and happy, we all had a good laugh about it.

Ahh… Such memories.

M2 is twelve this year (how time flies!) and no, we won’t put her on the pedestal this coming Christmas.