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Such Dedication, Part 2

29 Jul

It was a late late night last night. M2 was furiously chasing time to complete her Geography assignment. It is not that she had been slacking on this but the point being the teacher in charge gave out the second part of the assignment late, thus leaving a less than desired timeframe for completion. While we were appalled and certainly not happy, what can we do at this point? 

So I sat with her to help in whatever way I could, be it moral support, bouncing ideas and basically keeping her company. She said there was once when she sat at the dining table alone doing her assignments, there were shadows and it freaked her out. Such imagination the child has…

By 1.30am I got hungry. It was a sin to even think about snacking at this late hour, what more to have a Maggi cup noodle but I did. However, I am not feeling remorseful about it. I needed fuel to keep her company and I certainly didn’t want the caffeine overload of Kit Kat and coffee that M2 had.

She finally got done by 3.00am and the paper will be handed up today; as for me, I feel like a semi-zombie.