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Non-stop Eating

27 Dec

After the morning market excursion, we decided to drive a distance away to eat Ah Cheng Laksa. This name has become a franchise brand and they have shops everywhere but we hardly eat this back in KL.

The humble beginnings of a franchise

However today felt like a good day for Assam Laksa. And apparently this stall in front of the house (presumably Ah Cheng’s home?) is the original beginnings of the brand and we were not disappointed.

Cold desserts for a hot day!

Assam Laksa (top) and Prawn Mee (bottom)

The desserts were very yummy. And both the Assam Laksa and Prawn Mee were very flavorful yet not too overpowering and the portions were just nice so we didn’t feel overly stuffed. Which was a good thing because we went for a body massage after that.

I opted for a head, neck and shoulder massage while M1 did a full body massage. Unfortunately there wasn’t enough masseurs working, so hubby just waited for us.

My masseur wasn’t the best I must say. Half the time, she was just pressing my shoulders, messing my hair, pinching and squeezing my arms instead of working the knots and veins. I felt both my arms were being bruised from her actions.

And the chair that I sat on when I had to switch places for her to work on my back, oh my goodness! It squeaked every single time when she pushed rather than massaged my back. Not quite what I had hoped for… thankfully the session was only an hour and not more.

After a quick stop to get a boba tea, we came home to rest and planned for dinner. I feel so bloated just thinking about it. We have become eating machines with all this non-stop eating!

When Will I Recover

9 Jul

It’s been nine days since we returned from the US and both of us have not fully recovered from the jet lag! My goodness… it’s taking rather long.

Every night the whole of last week, we were waking up twice in the middle of the night at two hour intervals. The only one night I slept throughout until morning was last Friday when I went out for dinner with my golf buddies and I drank whiskey. I think it helped. The other nights were normal routines without any aids or meds to expedite the recovery.

So how long does one take to recover from jet lag?

From what I read online, it would take about a day to recover for each time zone crossed. Hmm… the time difference for us is 15 hours, so about two weeks to recover? Gosh…

Generally, jet lag is worse when traveling from West to East. We started out from Portland, and headed East to Salt Lake City, Amsterdam and finally Kuala Lumpur, that’s going East all the way. With the extra one stop (at SLC), long transit time and flying, maybe that’s why we are taking longer than a week to recover. Our 2012 trip to the US, we flew from East to West, San Francisco to Kuala Lumpur and that time, I took a week to recover from the jet lag.

Well, I woke up once at five this morning instead of twice before sunrise. Maybe a sign that I am recovering. Hopefully by the end of this week, the body would finally catch up with the time zone I am in and totally recover from the jet lag.

From Near and Far

28 Apr

It’s always nice to have a warm fuzzy feeling when receiving birthday greetings from family and friends, even strangers from near and far.

The first few birthday wishes came from the games I play (no, it’s not from the Candy Crush team but rather Monster Busters), strangers in other words. But I thought it was sweet and thoughtful. Gifted with a week’s worth of free play and 10,000 play coins, I think these game developers are very connected to their loyal gamers. Thank you.

And of course on the actual day, phone calls, emails, wishes on Facebook, WhatsApp and SMS/Messenger came from friends, family members as well as my bank, my credit cards, my loyalty program cards and even the local area politician, strangers in other words!

The world has become smaller—from the US, Bermuda and London to Hong Kong and Kuala Lumpur—with the use of social media and technology to connect us on a daily basis and on special occasions. 

I’d like to thank everyone for your thoughtfulness and well wishes. Made the day more meaningful. To a better year ahead!


Destination: Taiping

24 Apr

You know you’re courting fatness when you go on a foodie road trip and stretchy pants are intentionally packed along. All those food that will be eaten will surely go to the waist and the stretchy pants will accommodate this indulgence!

Well, with the tennis elbow limiting my exercise, an outstation trip this time is not a golf outing so a food outing is the next best thing. It’s an unexpected public holiday today and we made the most of long three-day weekend with Mom and M2 for the short getaway.

The destination: Taiping this time instead of Penang or Ipoh, our usual go-to places. The little town has a lot of cheap and delicious eats worthy to rival the two other famed destinations.

The drive on Saturday morning wasn’t too bad without the holiday-makers although there were some stretches that were slow and congested. When we finally arrived at Taiping, we looked for a place to eat for it was way past the usual lunchtime.

The Char Kueh Teow we had was good, at a ridiculously cheap price that you simply cannot find in KL – Four Ringgit. Even the Chicken Rice was Four Ringgit, and both had sizeable portions, not less at this price. Food prices in KL has soared so much recently and to find something good at this price was just amazing.

The rain was a spoiler especially when we wanted to see the famed trees at Taiping Lake Gardens. And came down even harder when we made our way to Matang for dinner but we took things in stride. No rush, no hurry, no stress, just go with the flow of the situation.

Our dinner was so so cheap. I seriously think if we ate the same things back in KL, it would cost twice the amount! The portions were big and the taste… Oh so good.

Towards the end of the evening, the sporadic rainfall prevented us from coming out of the car. So we just drove around the town, which had a similar feel to Ipoh. Hubby and I agreed that the town is worthy of a revisit plus a golf game thrown in at Taiping Golf Resort.

We called it an early night as the next day, we had a more comprehensive food trail to do and sights to take in.


A fallen raintree that was equally appealing


Dinner was so good



What an Ungodly Hour to Wake Up!

20 Mar

I had to force myself to sleep, what with me being a night owl. I read somewhere two days ago that creative people are night owls with the tendency to always sleep late. So if every night, I hit the sack at 1.00am or thereabouts, indeed I must be creative and a certified night owl. Going to bed at 11.30pm was tough after my usual nightly routine of Zookeeper and Farm Heroes. I did not even crush any candies…

Seven minutes before my alarm went off at 3.00am, I woke up. Somehow the body always manages to stir whenever there is a need to wake up early. But the only times I wake up this early is to catch an early international flight or for a morning tee off. But for golf, it would be at least 5.30am, giving me a couple more hours of rest. Either situation, the body automatically wakes up without the alarm.

The roads were devoid of vehicles so it was quite nice to step on the pedal to enjoy the sheer driving pleasure of the ultimate driving machine. We got to our friend’s place in no time and with the van arriving simultaneously, the oversized golf bags and luggages were quickly loaded up and we were on our way to the airport.

Things were a blur at the airport. You cannot imagine the number of people traveling at this ungodly hour! LCCT was packed. But then again, with a tagline like “Now Everyone Can Fly” the KL base of AirAsia definitely had people of all kinds flying.

I guess all this is worth the ungodly wake up hour as we will play our first game upon arrival. Slated for a noon tee off at Chiangmai Inthanon Golf Resort, I just hope the weather will be nice.

I should attempt to catch 40 winks on board. Stay tuned…


The Ugly Crocs are Traveling Again!

19 Mar

Well, well… Guess what? I am traveling again! Seems like an eternity that I last went away on vacation. Eternity?! Some may query. Well it was November and it was last year, so it seemed like a long time ago…

Nonetheless, a vacation is always totally deserving to get away from the work stress and all. So hubby and I, along with my ugly Crocs and our golfing buddies, are off to Chiangmai, Thailand for some golfing fun.

So goodbye KL! I can’t wait…


Homeward Bound

14 Oct

We arrived in Bali in the new MH B737-800 (notice the big iPad-like touchscreen?) and going back to KL in the more spacious 777-200 (albeit with a smaller screen, like a Samsung 7″ tab but much bigger than the Nintendo sized screen of Air France when I went to Paris in July).

Thankfully I managed to catch the last 45 minutes of Man of Steel, which I had watched when Bali-bound and could not finish on time upon arrival then.

Contented now after the meal and a satisfying coffee, I count the hours until I see my girls at home.


The iPad-sized touchscreen of the B737-800.


The 7″ Tab-like sized touchscreen in the 777-200.


Being a Good Host

20 Aug

And so being a good host means bringing your guest to see the sights, after work.

The hubby and I assigned duties for each other for the evening: I was to fetch M2 from her tuition class and thereafter swing by to see my mom; he will bring M3 and M1 to see KL tonight. They’d go for a drive and enjoy the bright lights and cityscape.

Paris is Hotter than KL

22 Jul

And so the holiday begins! With the different time zones between the two cities, we get an extra 6 hours after traveling for the last 18 hours to arrive at Hotel Magenta on Boulevard de Magenta, Paris.

Firstly, Paris is hot and feels way hotter than KL. The train ride from CDG to the city was a total sardine experience, packed and sweaty, long and cramped, confirming the sweltering heat. The train broke down after one stop and all passengers had to disembark to change train. What a start!

We finally got to the hotel and the front desk guy told us it can get to 34 degrees this week! Dang. But reassured us the room has air-conditioning, phew, thank goodness.

I managed to FaceTime the girls at the airport but the 15 minutes ended way too soon. And it’s too late to contact them now. No, I am not missing them… I am on holiday, remember?

It’s amazing the trouble we endure and go through with the journey to lead to a good vacation, which is the prized experience at the final destination. Despite with the extra hours gained, I feel tired and should hit the sack soon and be fresh for the next day.