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All Aboard!

23 Oct

I made short work of Choco Rio Grande once the tickets came. This was because Level 515 of Farm Heroes was tough to pass and I had all this energy, so crushing candies was the best activity especially in the cold rainy weather.

Eventually, I did pass Level 515 and am now at Level 517 while for Candy Crush, another set of tickets came for me to go on to Toffee Tower; I am now at Level 699. I have been alternating between devices, using both the iPad and the laptop.

And when on the laptop, as if candies and farm animals are not enough, the curious in me tried King.com’s new game: Candy Crush Soda. Similar to the candy version, this game requires one to pop soda bottles and rescue gummy bears. Quite interesting… Oh dear, will this be another new addiction?


Why Can’t I Do it?

17 Oct

I find it incredulous that four friends have managed to overcome Level 677 of Candy Crush and I am still stuck. I noticed since its latest update, the level feels slightly easier; maybe that’s why they have moved on. I should go back to trying because of late, Level 515 of Farm Heroes is so hard!

I Don’t Believe This!

18 Feb

Candy Crush finally updated on the iPad last week but to my horror, I find myself still stuck at Level 500! I don’t believe this. Didn’t I complete until Level 515 on the laptop? Why the discrepancy on different devices?


Still stuck at Level 500 on the iPad! Unbelievable…


But lookie where I am in FB on the laptop! Unbelievable…

On the laptop I was at Level 515 as of Dec 31st last year and have progressed to Level 518 but on my iPad, it is still showing me at Level 500 despite all those stars achieved in the chapter beyond…

Unbelievable. King.com, you need to check your updates.

I’ve Lost My Candy Mojo

4 Feb

So it’s been a month plus that I stopped playing Candy Crush. Out of curiosity, I peeked into the game in Facebook on the laptop to see if there’s any updates, only to discover an exclamation mark on Odus. This was last week and only on the game in Facebook (the app on the iPad just got updated yesterday).

What’s this? So into Dreamworld I ventured. Indeed there was an update but only in Odus’ world. And of course, I started crushing some candies.

To my horror, I discovered I’ve lost my candy mojo! Gone were my skills to strategize and conquer, let alone play! Aiyoh… This is not good. Maybe I should come out of retirement to focus on Dreamworld to sharpen my skills in preparation for the main saga’s long awaited eventual update.

A Pointless Update

23 Jan

This morning when I woke up and reached for my iPad, I discovered Candy Crush had an update. Hah! Finally… but I find this pointless as the update is only until Level 500.


I thought then maybe I should peek into Facebook and see if the game there updated as well, considering I have been sitting at Level 515 since December 31st, 2013. Nope.

So I remain retired from the game. Sigh. But I am not complaining, Farm Heroes with its cute cropsies are keeping me busy!

Candy Withdrawal

6 Jan

Even since I completed Candy Crush at the end of last year and officially retired from it on January 1st, I feel as though I am experiencing some withdrawal symptoms. For five consecutive days, I have not played the game in Facebook on the laptop; although I still go in to help my fellow candy crushers by sending them lives and tickets, this does not count as playing. Even on the iPad, Dreamworld has lost its appeal. So what I am doing to occupy my time? I have been reading as there’s nothing else to play (besides Zookeeper Battle) before I go to sleep!

The last few nights, I decided to give my favorite author, Nora Roberts, my devotion again and have been reading the MacGregor series online into the wee hours of the night. Now I don’t know if this is good or not because in the mornings, I wake up with a splitting headache from a lack of deep sleep.

As a result, I feel grumpy. And irritated. And tired. Can’t be Nora’s fault since her books are always so captivating. Definitely withdrawal symptoms from lack of candies. Hrmph.

A Promising Start

2 Jan

This new year brings many new changes. Firstly, I am proud to announce on the last day of 2013 (December 31st), I completed Level 515 of Candy Crush, the finale of the last possible level in the saga… until an update that is. It’s an achievement of sorts having been addicted to the game the whole of 2013 and starting the new year with a status change. I can now say I am a fully retired professional candy crusher.


Got to wait for the next update!

But this status will change, of course, once King.com decides to release the update on both Facebook and on the iPad. You know me, die-hard candy crusher to the core.

Change number two: yesterday, I decided to update my iPad Mini to OS7! There’s no turning back at the point so gotta get use to it, ugly as it may be with the icons having gone 2D and flat. I figured if I had managed with my iPhone4 all this while, I should be able to handle my iPad Mini.

Change number three: the girls go back to school today. M1 is now in her final year in high school and M2 has gone on to Secondary school, the equivalent being junior high school. How time flies. It seemed like just yesterday when they were kindie-going and now I have two teenage girls.

I am sure there will be more changes to come and new situations to get used to but for now, these new changes indicate a promising start to the new year.

It Ain’t Over

20 Dec

I thought my candy crushing days met its end four days ago when I reached Level 500 in Facebook. Thinking I would take my time to do so, I had not been opening the laptop to attempt to finish it. After all, the updates have been really slow especially on the iPad.

But this morning I was surprised to see, in Facebook on the laptop, the saga has continued until Level 515! Yay.

I guess it ain’t over! And ever since I have been having problems launching the Papa Pear Saga on my iPad, it’s back to crushing candies for me.