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All Aboard!

23 Oct

I made short work of Choco Rio Grande once the tickets came. This was because Level 515 of Farm Heroes was tough to pass and I had all this energy, so crushing candies was the best activity especially in the cold rainy weather.

Eventually, I did pass Level 515 and am now at Level 517 while for Candy Crush, another set of tickets came for me to go on to Toffee Tower; I am now at Level 699. I have been alternating between devices, using both the iPad and the laptop.

And when on the laptop, as if candies and farm animals are not enough, the curious in me tried King.com’s new game: Candy Crush Soda. Similar to the candy version, this game requires one to pop soda bottles and rescue gummy bears. Quite interesting… Oh dear, will this be another new addiction?