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Back to Routine

4 Aug

The week long holidays are over for the girls. I’d like to think they enjoyed the break thoroughly – sleeping late, eating a lot, sleeping in, watching reruns of Harry Potter (on the DVD), not studying and not mind going anywhere save for that day trip to eat seafood. However, I frown upon the sleeping habits. Oh well, none of this bad habit now that they are back to school.

As for me, everyday that passes by is an agony of sorts as far as Candy Crush is concerned. The new chapter has yet to open and I itch to jump forth from Level 635. It’s more than a week now and I’ve been playing Levels 608, 617 and 635 alternately to get more stars! Terrible, isn’t it?

And to add to the aggravation, Farm Heroes has been very trying. I was thoroughly challenged at Level 404 and had to use all the farm equipments (which I normally don’t) to bypass it, and found myself utilizing all my equipments so soon again for Level 407. I guess it gets tougher and tougher. Now stuck at 413. Sigh…

Oh Dear! A Boo-boo

25 Jul

I have played Candy Crush long enough to know when there’s a boo-boo done by the app developer! You don’t proclaim yourself a professional at it for nothing, you know.

Straight to the issue, let me point out to the world that Level 608 and Level 623 are the same! Same challenge, same amount of moves given, same layout. Ran out of ideas, King.com? C’mon… If you want to recycle, at least have them far, far apart instead of so close!

Level 608: spot the similarity!

Level 608: spot the similarity!


Level 623: spot the similarity!

Level 623: spot the similarity!