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I Ain’t Heavy, I’m Just Obese!

4 Dec

Yesterday, I was at a new hospital for my annual checkup. The doctor whom I see annually has relocated to this new establishment and as such, being a new patient there, I had to register. He’s a good friend as well as being our doctor, hubby and I would consult him on health matter wherever he practices.

To get my record started up, my vitals had to be taken. And as I stood on the weighing scale, the reading showed an additional five kilos, I was horrified!!! I’m like, “Whh-aaattt?!” Not only I am heavy, I am obese! Just earlier in the morning, I stood on our bathroom scale and the reading was definitely five kilos less.

How could I have put on five kilos when I fasted the night before and during the hour-long journey to the hospital with a rumbling tummy, obviously empty and hungry? A discrepancy of a kilo or two may be possible but five? Unbelievable. Or has my bathroom scale been lying to me all these years? Hmm.

I’d like to believe the clothes are the culprit here. But then again, are my clothes that heavy? They’re Uniqlo jeans and a Liz Claiborne shirt, both light material and comfy wear. I did not remove my shoes though but the light weight Skechers can’t be that heavy too. Maybe I shouldn’t be too upset about the whole thing because I know I certainly ain’t heavy nor obese.

Colorful Chicken!

3 Dec

I was at the hospital several months ago visiting a loved one. And it stretched over to lunchtime and I got hungry. So I decided to visit the cafeteria for some tummy filler otherwise it would be embarrassing to have the tummy growl loudly in front of the patient whilst she had her lunch. Then she’d make me eat her lunch!

People always complain hospital food is not the most palatable. Strange coming from a place that promotes good health and good eating. I must agree with the general public on taste alone but I must say, when I got to the cafeteria, the offering was an array of colors for just one type of meat, it was blinding.

I had choices ranging from red (curry chicken), orange (more curry chicken), mustard yellow (kurma chicken), yellow (tumeric chicken), white (steamed chicken), brown (fried chicken) or dark brown (roasted chicken!) It was literally a rainbow of chicken choices save for purple and blue! Even the fish was not too far off in terms of color offerings! The only green offering was literally the greens-vegetables-with no shades at all.

Unlike M2 who thinks chicken is awesome, I thought the choices were an overkill.

So I debated between shades as it was tough to choose the right shade of chicken to eat. Should I go with something for its taste? Or should I go with the color? What if I just choose something to complement my shirt? Hmm…

In the end, I chose a red chicken and an orange fish just to blend with my Liz Clairborne shirt! Heheheh….