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Let the Food Trail Begin!

20 Dec

Last night M1, our firstborn came back from the US for the Christmas and New Year holidays. The flight was delayed two hours and it felt forever before she came out from the arrival hall at KLIA.

It’s a wonderful reunion again after visiting her in June for her graduation. Unfortunately, M2 opted not to return and instead has flown off to London for her Christmas holiday.

Nevertheless, a family get together is always about food besides the bonding time. Thus we will embark on a food trail to attempt to check off all the ‘must eats’ on her list. There goes the 16/8 diet! Oh well, it’s not always she returns, so we will indulge as well with her.

Thosai rawa

Roti bom

From Near and Far

28 Apr

It’s always nice to have a warm fuzzy feeling when receiving birthday greetings from family and friends, even strangers from near and far.

The first few birthday wishes came from the games I play (no, it’s not from the Candy Crush team but rather Monster Busters), strangers in other words. But I thought it was sweet and thoughtful. Gifted with a week’s worth of free play and 10,000 play coins, I think these game developers are very connected to their loyal gamers. Thank you.

And of course on the actual day, phone calls, emails, wishes on Facebook, WhatsApp and SMS/Messenger came from friends, family members as well as my bank, my credit cards, my loyalty program cards and even the local area politician, strangers in other words!

The world has become smaller—from the US, Bermuda and London to Hong Kong and Kuala Lumpur—with the use of social media and technology to connect us on a daily basis and on special occasions. 

I’d like to thank everyone for your thoughtfulness and well wishes. Made the day more meaningful. To a better year ahead!


One Track Mind

11 May

It was a quirky conversation after dinner. The night before we left for Tawau, Sabah, M2 sounded envious that we were going away again.

Out of the blue, she declared, “Let’s go to Your-rope!”

“Your-rope?” I raised my eyebrow, “you mean Europe.” I was emphasizing the “you” instead of “your” in the pronunciation.

“No, Your-rope,” she reiterated.

I was intrigued, “Why? Don’t you want to go to USA instead to visit your sister?”

“I’ve never been to Your-rope.” Ahh. I’ve been enlightened.

“I know,” I replied her. But before I could go on, she blurted out, “London! But you’ve been there.”

I nodded.

“Paris! Hmm… You’ve been there too. Rome? Been there! See? I am replying for you to me! You’ve been to all these places and I have not,” she said.

“Well, you’ve been to the good places starting with the letter ‘S’,” I pointed out to her, “Singapore, San Francisco and Sydney but Sydney doesn’t quite count cos I was four months pregnant with you.”


“Let’s go to Your-rope!”

“When you are older, ok?”

Separation Anxiety, Part 2

21 Jul

This has been a busy month for us, traveling again in a spate of two weeks. I think both M1 and M2 are used to it already by now, being older and having more activities to keep them occupied.

Tonight as we prepare to fly off for another six-days of separation, I sincerely think separation anxiety should not be happening. After all, since our first trip away from them (to Hong Kong), over the years we’ve done more than a week for each of our trips to the far and the exotic, they did not seem to mind our absence.

They are much older now and with our lived-in maid taking care of them (and Grandma not troubled), they also have the pets to keep them company and school work to keep them busy, six days will fly by very soon. Anyway, there’s always Skype, iMessage and Facetime if we have to see or hear them…

Wish us a great holiday!