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Becoming Obsolete

6 May

My iPad Mini is slowly becoming obsolete. Last week Pinterest couldn’t update and it riles me to have that number sitting in the corner of the App Store icon for a few days. But I left it as is because there was no mention of needing iOS10 and I could still use it.

However, this morning Pinterest was suddenly being installed although I didn’t do anything and it looked like it was stuck. So I restarted the iPad Mini, thinking this would help. The next thing I knew, my Pinterest icon was gone from the iPad! Yikes.

I then went into App Store to try to reinstall but there’s nothing for me to even click on to download. Why? Why? Why? It looks like arm twisting tactics here to push me to get a new iPad Mini.


How do I download PInterest when there’s nothing to click on?

Two weeks ago, it was something else. I found out I couldn’t launch iFlix (not Netflix but similar entertainment provider) because it required iOS10 and my Mini cannot update beyond iOS9.3.5. Sigh…

And several weeks ago, it was Skype that couldn’t be used because it also required iOS10. I checked online if there were anymore older versions of Skype (that can run on iOS9.3.5) but apparently, Microsoft no longer support old devices for it. The only solution if I wanted to use Skype is to buy a new iPad Mini, according to discussions on community forums out there!

Gee… I don’t think I want to do this especially when I now have an iPhone XR that is much faster and sufficient for my needs. Anyway, I didn’t download Skype on the phone nor do I want to have the app on my desktop computer. I simply resolved the usage predicament by bringing my MacBook Air to the office for the weekly Skype session with M1. Easy peasy. As for Pinterest, it is on the phone too.

It’s just a matter of time before the iPad Mini will be relegated to being another bedside clock, along with iPod, M2’s old iPhone 5C and my recently retired iPhone 5S. Sigh…


Farm Heroes No More

23 Jan

I have stopped playing Farm Heroes on my iPad, iPhone and the laptop. After such a long time at it, I find that I cannot go pass Level 1105, so no point in continuing the game. It was fun while it lasted.

As for my other games, I still do Candy Crush Soda (to collect the Daily Bonus) and Candy Crush Saga (on the office computer occasionally as it has been deleted from the iPad and iPhone) besides the two Monster Busters.

There does not seem to be a whole of appealing games offered these days, at least to me. Maybe it’s for the better as I can stay off my devices and go back to reading (which I did) and carving (which I will).

Giving Up

3 Aug

I finally decided to ‘give up’ two more games on my iPad, deleting them several nights ago. Remember Candy Crush Saga was canned awhile back?

It’s not a total give up but a technical one because I still play these games in Facebook on the laptop (at home) or desktop (in the office). My iPad has been so slow, rendering it almost useless, it’s aggravating.

I don’t have pictures and music on the iPad, so I suspect it’s the games’ data accumulated when I play them and it hordes the space on the device thus slowing it down. With the RAM dropping down to 200MB or thereabouts most times, what can I do? I can’t even read anything on Safari, let alone crush some candies!

So I canned both the Monster Busters apps. This is on top of clearing away other apps that I don’t use any longer. I even deleted the Facebook app!

On hindsight, maybe it’s a good thing to make me less dependent on my iPad as I find myself doing more meaningful things in my free time, like carving up a whole township of Gigglesville citizens!

Slowing Down

5 Dec

I’ve slowed down playing the two candy games on my iPad for two reasons lately. Firstly, it’s my iPad. Device just does not want to cooperate to launch both Candy Crush and Candy Crush Soda, it’s annoying. Secondly, I am getting kinda tired by the games. 

So I just play them on the laptop whenever I am home or sometimes offline in the car. Maybe it’s for the better that they are no longer an obsession.

It’s Not Right

3 Oct

Ever since my iPad Mini updated to iOS9.3.5, everything has not been right. It has gotten so slow and unstable. And when apps get updated, it’s worse. I am having problems with my two virtual candy games – unstable upon launching and quits instantly, so can’t play. Hrmph. Strangely, the apps only work if I don’t connect to the wifi but this is such a hassle especially when I am home.

So over the weekend, I was down to only two devices to crush some candies – the MacBook Air and my iOS7.1.2 iPhone5S. Sigh…


2 Aug

Level 1864 of Candy Crush was tough to go pass because the challenge was different on different devices! Again, another difference. Hrmph. Why King.com? Why?

I was on the iPad and clearly it’s a much more difficult task compared to the same level on the laptop in Facebook. Hrmph.

Needless to say, I took the easier route but now have to play on the laptop because the iPad has yet to update with the next chapter. I am now at Level 1877.


Requirements on the laptop in Facebook


On the iPad


Well, Well… Am I Surprised?

23 Jun

A few days ago, I lamented about King.com being inconsistent with their board setups for Candy Crush for different devices. And this has occurred many times on several levels. Guess what? They are at it again.

This time on Level 1735. On the iPad, it is definitely harder compared to the game in Facebook. No wonder I was having a tough time trying to figure it out. It was when I went into YouTube to see what others did that I realized the boards were different. 

So obviously after learning this discrepancy, I played the game in Facebook and within the five lives, I made it with some lives to spare.


See where the popcorn squares are located


For the iPad, the popcorn squares are at a tougher place!


Times Have Changed

9 Jun

I look at M2 now having her school holidays and can’t help but reminisce what I did during my school holidays when I was 15 dinosaur years ago. 

Frankly, I don’t recall doing what she is doing now – sleeping in every morning (Mom would have my hide!), having late brunches, staying indoors as much as possible and surrounded by all the Apple devices: the iPhone to talk to friends on WhatsApp, the iPad for some playtime in between the studying at the dining table in the afternoon, the iPod and MacBook Air for goodness knows what else.

I do remember watching a fair bit of TV, playing with my dog in the garden, climbing my favorite tree, whacking a few tennis balls against the wall of the car porch, talking to imaginary friends and occasionally talking to a real friend on the house telephone. Half the time I was outdoors and never once I sat at the dining table to study!

Yep, times have changed. Gone are the days when one simply enjoys the outdoors, breathe in the fresh air and not worry about keeping up. It was always a happy-go-lucky situation. Nowadays, it’s a constant worry to keep up, staying connected and being indoors!

Eesh! Another Difference!

9 Feb

Did you know Level 1486 of Candy Crush on the iPad is different from the laptop in Facebook? I was stuck at the level for awhile and was taken aback when the same level appeared differently on my different devices. When I YouTubed up Level 1486, results shown were the laptop’s version, not the iPad’s. So I played the iPad’s 1486 most of the time.

Then I made progress and discovered that Level 1486, with an all red jellybean starting board on the laptop is actually Level 1488 on the iPad! 

Why does King.com do this? Eesh. Now I am curious as to what Level 1488 on the laptop in Facebook is. But I won’t know until I am back home as I do not have my laptop with me on this trip.


Ugh! Nasty

30 Nov

King.com is nasty. They make the levels in Candy Crush different on different devices! I did not realize this until over the weekend when I attempted Level 1306.

On the iPad, the challenge was to get 3 cherries in 35 moves but in Facebook on the laptop, it required just 2 cherries and 50 moves! No wonder I have been stuck here for so long. Eesh.

Finally made it.