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Massaged Kale

8 May

Yesterday M1 sent us a picture of her dinner, bought at San Francisco Airport. She was en route to another city but that is not the point. The point here is her dinner.

What is ‘massaged kale’ pray tell? The food that I am used to, Asian or Western or otherwise, does not need any massaging. The only thing I know that needs massaging (besides me) are them cows that give us Wagyu Beef. I never knew vegetable also needs to be massaged. We thought it was funny.

Then I decided to google up the meaning to find out exactly what ‘massaged kale’ is. Ahh… it’s the preparation step.

One should massage the kale with bare hands to soften them. And this process apparently will yield a softer texture, making it easier to chew compared to just using a utensil to toss the greens.

Hmm… We learn something new everyday. I may try both methods just to see the difference if I do buy kale the next time I am at the grocery store.



Good Me Time

15 Jun

I should make it a point from now onwards to visit the spa more often for some pampering. After all, a ten month hiatus for a body massage and a two-year gap for a facial is certainly not taking care of myself enough.

The Saturday session worked out some kinks and knots of my tired muscles but the facial treatment could not extract the embedded zit.

I concluded it has become fossilized and only an excavation, not an extraction can do the job! That’s how bad it is if one does not take care.

Have I Grown… sideways?

13 Jun

It’s been ages since I went to my girlie spa to pamper myself. The thought of driving so far just does not appeal. But when an unexpected project on a tight deadline packed with stress and more stress came last week, I thought I deserve a little break.

So I went to the spa over the weekend for some me time.

I remember the towel being a big comfortable size that one can just sink into the softness. It was very fluffy and fuzzy to wrap myself in it. This time?

It felt two sizes smaller and the ends could barely meet! Did I grow sideways or the towel is now smaller? Hmm…

I know I have not been exercising (no golf in other words for the longest time) and carving does not burn much calories, but have I actually expanded sideways that much? Hmm… again.

I went into the steam room with the intention to steam off some of the excess err… baggage that I have accumulated of late and it felt good. But whether they oozed away it did not matter because the 15 minutes did wonders for the soul, followed by an aromatherapy massage and facial.

Maybe sometimes I need a little more stress and challenge at work to reward myself such little pleasures.


20 Apr

When in Thailand, one must always go for a foot massage. And if you walked 17,500 steps (equivalent to 10.5km) like us today, covering 18 holes at Black Mountain Golf Club, a foot massage is bliss. 

A befitting end for Day 2’s agenda. While we still have dinner and a bottle of whiskey waiting for us, I think ending a grueling day  with a soothing reflexology is always nice.


What a Pleasant Surprise!

21 Mar

Despite the early wake up call, the energy and spirits were high. Breakfast was sumptuous and satisfying. Onwards then to the next golf course! Alpine Golf Club was a pleasant surprise from Inthanon. Lush and green, there was no indication of drought and lack of water. It was literally green everywhere.

We had plenty of fun on top of an enjoyable round of golf. Well, with a chip in for a birdie for a highlight of my game (and there were two other birdies today from the others), the game ended in good spirits for all. Totally deserved the Singha beer at the clubhouse during lunch!

After lunch at Alpine, we head on to check in at Holiday Inn. A quick rest and a massage awaits us all…


Hello Bangkok!

7 Nov

In a blink of an eye, we arrived in Bangkok. Heavy with traffic, smog and full of people, welcome to the city!

Our hotel, Palazzo is off the beaten track. At least for me because it is not the usual place hubby and I stay whenever we come here.

But it’s a new place to explore, see and experience. After checking in, the group split into two and my group went in search for food.

Street food are always a welcome in terms of taste, smell and color. Contented we trotted back to the hotel for a quick shower and next on the agenda, massage!

The four of them in my group opted for the aromatherapy while I chose a foot and shoulder treatment. Everyone felt two hours should suffice.

So here I am, enjoying a two hour relaxing treatment on my tired legs.







Ten White, Twenty Black

17 Oct

Whenever I look into the mirror and spot a white hair, horror would fill me and I’d get one of the girls to pull it out if I can’t reach it myself. Vain, silly or otherwise, one just cannot have a white strand sticking out, shouting to the world to be seen.

Just back from my recent holiday, I decided to do an overhaul — starting with the face with a facial, the body with a massage and the hair with an inventory check on black versus white. As it was a public holiday, it was perfect to get these done.

The going rate is ten cents per white hair but a penalty of twenty cents is incurred for them to pay back if a black hair was accidentally pulled out instead.

M1 is usually more obliging for this task and makes about two to three bucks from the hubby, and about one to two from me. However, whenever I am under duress from some super duper stressful project at the studio, three bucks is easily made. M2 would add salt to the wound by stating, “Mummy, you’re old.”

Coincidentally, I just concluded one half of a very stressful project prior to the trip to Bali.

And the evidence was evident.

“I found the loot!” M2, who was available and obliging, proclaimed. Ooh… That hurts. “How many?” I cringed.

“I’d say 30 but I’d just do 25 then I’m going to bed!” Well, I can’t argue with that.

M1 who just came out of the bathroom, giggled and rubbed it in, “Nah! I think there’s 40!” Hrmph.

“Argh! This one’s a scam! Half black, half white. Does it count?” The ever dramatic M2 asked then decided, “I think no. Okay, back to 23. Right, mummy… 23?”

Sigh, the perils of a stressful creative designer’s life.

Not Quite Back to Routine

15 Oct

We got home yesterday evening to happy constant chatter from the girls. Both just had so much so share during our 4 days’ absence from home. But as it was only 4 days, they said they did not miss us much.

It is a public holiday today and it’s a nice further break from the break to ease us back slowly into our normal ways. Not quite back to routine (work) just yet although last night, I was back to my candy crushing ways, I am treating myself to a facial and massage later. And it was a pleasant surprise that I managed to progress in my game to 437, having been stuck at 434 for some time.

Once things settle down, routine it will be until the next break!