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Giving Up

3 Aug

I finally decided to ‘give up’ two more games on my iPad, deleting them several nights ago. Remember Candy Crush Saga was canned awhile back?

It’s not a total give up but a technical one because I still play these games in Facebook on the laptop (at home) or desktop (in the office). My iPad has been so slow, rendering it almost useless, it’s aggravating.

I don’t have pictures and music on the iPad, so I suspect it’s the games’ data accumulated when I play them and it hordes the space on the device thus slowing it down. With the RAM dropping down to 200MB or thereabouts most times, what can I do? I can’t even read anything on Safari, let alone crush some candies!

So I canned both the Monster Busters apps. This is on top of clearing away other apps that I don’t use any longer. I even deleted the Facebook app!

On hindsight, maybe it’s a good thing to make me less dependent on my iPad as I find myself doing more meaningful things in my free time, like carving up a whole township of Gigglesville citizens!



20 Jun

Monster Busters Hexa Blast finally updated and I have progressed. Yay. Likewise for Candy Crush, at 1732 now after coming out tops (again) for the Piñata Park chapter. And for Monster Busters, currently at Level 512.

On a much brighter note, I crossed 887 for Farm Heroes. Finally. Double yay! But find myself stuck at 772 for Soda. Sigh…

Guess I Have to Wait

15 Apr

I have finally played until the end of another game, Monster Busters Hexa Blast. Just like my earlier candy crushing days being ahead for Candy Crush, I was at it faster than the app being updated.

So what do I do besides waiting for the update for Hexa Blast? I play the original Monster Busters! But I hope my wait won’t be too long.



Never Play Offline

26 Oct

It was Friday and we were on our way home. The rain came down heavily and I was tired, having used quite a fair bit of my creative brain cells in the office. Hubby was driving so I whipped out my iPad for my usual dosage of my games during the unusual hour long journey home. Can’t live without them, you know… the games, not the traffic. I must admit I did play some virtual games in the office whilst being stumped for ideas.

Usually all the King.com games can be played offline so routinely, I did my usual three. Then I moved on to Monster Busters. Now this game cannot be played offline. It would prompt you to go on as guest because there’s no connection but I didn’t try. So I exited and left it as is, without further thoughts to it.

That evening, after a hearty dinner, it was time to unwind. I reached for my trusty iPad and launched Monster Busters.

To my horror, when the game launched, I was at Level 1! Oh my gawd. What happened?! I should be at Stage 595 but, no, I was right at the beginning. I freaked out a bit. Closed the app and relaunched. Same thing!

When I told M2, she asked if I was logged in to Facebook which I was not; this happened when I tried playing the game offline earlier in the car. Thank goodness after connecting to FB, I catapulted back up to Stage 595.

Phew and double phew! Moral of the story here, never try to play offline when they tell you so.

A New Game

3 Jul

I thought I could get into the numbers game, 2048 but just can’t. It takes up too much of my time to finish one round. But I contradict myself here saying this when my other three games take up far more of my time! Well, I can’t just get into 2048.

Then I don’t know why I unsuspectingly tried my hands at a new game, Monster Busters Hexa Blast. Maybe because I was stuck at my usual games and I could not progress further, I needed a distraction to quell my energy. Well, not quite as addictive as my other games, Hexa Blast is quite challenging and definitely more fun than 2048.

I am at Level 138 now.