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And So It Continues

16 Apr

Three weeks ago (before the laparoscopic surgery) on a hot Sunday morning, the carving began. This latest Monument is different from the earlier pieces in many ways, the most obvious being the choice of wood – Meranti versus balsa. Then it’s the characters on the totem pole.

Previous pieces have different species of Citizens stacked up. This piece has only one species, looking the same yet different in their expressions. And it wasn’t easy to execute because being a denser wood, it was quite a challenge to shape the smaller area of curves and crevices. Definitely different from shaping a single big Citizen.

Patience is the key I guess. And at the height of this excitement, I overlooked having a platform like the others for this new piece. Oh well. Every piece is unique in its own way.



Shaping Up

23 Mar

The carving experiments have taken shape and color! Citizen on a Tree is looking good despite the flat head. The flat head Gnome was painted much earlier and two nights ago, I finally painted up the Citizen.

These few days, carving has been slow because I had to work late, an unusual busy run which is good and I shouldn’t complain.

I hope this weekend, all the queued up pieces will take shape too. Can’t wait for the weekend.


New Colors, Part 2

5 Dec

Citizens of Gigglesville are getting new colors! I dropped by the art store over the weekend and bought new colors to expand the range for them. Actually not totally new but more of different shades for the existing red, blue and green for variation. I even picked up a bottle of Glow!

I thought the name of the blue shade is rather funny, Real Blue, as if all these while, the other blues that I am using are fake! Hahaha… it’s a nice dark blue nonetheless. So now, there’s three shades of blue which is good. Variations.

The dark Engine Red is similar to an existing Naphthol Red Deep, but it’s okay because like the blue, the red range now also has three shades.

And although the names are the same, the new Leaf Green does not even look close to the old Leaf Green. It is leaning more towards an olive shade while the old is akin to a Granny Smith’s apple green. Like the other two colors, the green range now also has three shades with the new olive addition.

As for the Glow paint, it’s something new to explore. The big debate now is whether to paint just the eyes or the whole body. With balsa being so porous, I’m don’t know how the end result would look. Hmm… got to experiment and see.


Making the Effort, Part 2

20 Nov

I finally decided on what to carve for the four inch block: my dinky dinosaur! I feel it’s an apt choice but a very challenging one because of the tiny arms and legs.

I just hope they don’t break off when I exert a little bit more strength to carve out the limbs. Otherwise I may have to improvised and use toothpicks or wooden chopsticks to add on. We’ll see…

Dinky for now is 2D on my leg; let’s see how it turns out in 3D as a wood carving piece because thinking in 3D and 2D are two totally different process. Not easy.

Wish me luck!

Making the Effort

16 Nov

Finally, I pushed myself to carve and it felt therapeutic. But unsure of what new species I want to embark on, I started off with yet another Citizen and another Monument to get the momentum going. I must say the details on the new Monument are more prominent compared to the earlier 3-citizen piece. Practice makes perfect.

So while this is ongoing, the mind is contemplating and thinking what next. It should be a good challenge ahead because I have decided to go with the four inch block.



Dry Spell

13 Nov

Lately, I am going through a dry spell on carving despite having comfortable cool weather. I don’t know why. There shouldn’t be any excuses.

The last Citizen carved was 24th October followed by the Halloween Owl a week later. I’ve gone almost two weeks without any new additions, a rather unusual stretch. Maybe if not more Citizens, at least some gnomes, another monument or two, superheroes or even the big pieces. OR… maybe something totally new.

We shall see…

A Halloween Owl, Part 2

6 Nov

I think I deserve a pat on the shoulder for carving up a four inch Citizen of Gigglesville. The Halloween Owl is a pretty good effort for a first attempt on a bigger and harder piece. And suddenly I find my other citizens so minuscule!

How did I ever managed to carve up 111 pieces of one inch tall or thereabouts of the Citizens and a band of Superheroes too? Just as amazing.

Now that this is completed, onwards to color it!

A Halloween Owl

3 Nov

This year for Halloween, I did not have time to buy whole watermelons to carve like I did in 2013 when M1 was still around. And not only pumpkins have gotten too expensive, they are unavailable at our regular grocer! So I opted for something very different this time.

I carved a Halloween Owl.

Several weeks ago, my only sibling bought a pack of wood with different size blocks for me to vary my carving pieces. It was very thoughtful of him to push me beyond my comfort zone, which I think is a good thing.

The basswood pieces are so much bigger and harder in density than my usual one inch wide soft balsa. I feel very pumped about the challenge. I had to plan thoroughly because now, the size and shape of the character are somewhat different. The block is four inches tall, four times taller than what I am used to work with.

So on 31st October, I started on a Citizen of Gigglesville wearing a witch’s hat and a big cape. I must say even the carving process has been different with more strength applied, being a harder wood, and all the tools were utilized.

Work is still in progress but it’s coming along good. I hope to finish it by next week and have it painted up!

They Gotta Wear Hats!

27 Oct

Out of the blue, I decided that my Citizens of Gigglesville should wear hats! I don’t know why but I suddenly developed an urge to sew or make hats for them. It would make them even more cute than what they are now.

I even bought some tiny fluff balls with the intention of making some Santa hats for them. But I have failed miserably because I couldn’t even get the cone shape of the Santa hat right. I won’t give up though.

Then a brilliant idea hit and I didn’t even have to make anything!

My citizens now don sombrero-like hats, made out of fruit nettings! Hahahaha….. it’s just cuteness overload. I had so much giggles ‘dressing’ them up and taking snapshots. Clearly only Citizen #53 was not amused by the session. Hahahaha…..

More Tools, Part 2

24 Oct

Package one of two arrived last Friday and the diamond files are much longer than what the website picture showed. I guess I didn’t see the measurements listed properly. 

Hubby laughed when he saw them because he said they look similar to dental instruments, being angled. Well, I think they will be put to good use especially with all those angles to tackle tight crevices.

And package two, which was shipped separately after I received notification on Friday, arrived yesterday. Yay. Like the first set, this second set of diamond files are also longer than its picture on the website.

Again, hubby laughed at them because he half expected the set to have mirrors, complementing the dental-looking first set. Hahaha….

Anyway, I don’t know why I need so many of the same thing. The more the merrier? We shall see how the end result of new citizens when these new tools are put to use.

The first set

The second set which is longer than my existing mini files