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Progress and Not

17 Mar

Things are somewhat moving for my virtual games. While Candy Crush has progressed on to Level 1541 and Monster Busters at Level 998, Farm Heroes has been slow, still at Level 860 and Soda is stuck at Level 660. Sigh. Every now and then I sneak in a game in the office. Shh…

I am glad that I gave up the other two King.com games. As it is nowadays, I hardly play Piano Tiles too. Too many games to manage but then again, I am waiting for Piano Tiles to update; I am at Level 46.

No Fun Being Stuck

21 Jan

It’s no fun when the progress on my virtual games are halted. I am not such a hero at Farm Heroes, stuck at Level 854 for sometime now, my jelly ability still at the lowly Level 43 but I managed to cross it this morning, with the reluctant aid of a precious lollipop and my Soda at Level 600.

I’ve stopped playing the Flower Blast and Zookeeper. Too many to keep up, I must admit!

Luckily the original Candy Crush offered some respite, moving on without any frustration and now at Level 1436. Same goes for Monster Blasters, smooth progression. And I find calmness in Piano Tiles despite looking possessed sometimes, thumping on my iPad furiously when I play some of the faster paced songs.

A New Game

18 Jan

Two Fridays ago, I discovered a new King.com game. The app icon appeared in the corner of Candy Crush while I was crushing candies as usual. So the sucker in me downloaded Candy Crush Jelly, another candy crushing game.

Unbelievable. Between all the candies, the farm animals, monsters, flowers and Piano Tiles, looks like I will be a very busy person! And I have also started reading.

I was indeed kept busy, crushing my way through all that candies and rescuing some farm animals and monsters too, besides being a recluse at home last week. For the record, I am at Level 1424 for Candy Crush, Level 591 for Soda, Level 854 for Farm Heroes, Level 825 for Monsters and a lowly 43 only for Candy Crush Jelly.