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Leader of the Pack

10 Jan

Besides buying hubby a gift for his birthday last month, I also asked him if he would like his own personal Gnome, carved on the same date as his birthday. Of course, being my biggest fan and supporter, he said yes.

But he wanted his Gnome to be different from the rest and this complicated matters. Haish… Why put me in a spot? If it were to be different he would have to wait until his next birthday because I need to develop my characters and this takes time. Can’t just happen overnight, what more on the day itself and not earlier considering it should be a birthday Gnome. Hmm…

So we compromised. Carved on Meranti and not balsa, it dons a golden yellow cap instead of the usual red. And although it’s shorter than the other Meranti Gnomes, it is taller than the balsa Gnomes. Sounds complicated. Nonetheless, he loved it and decided that his Gnome will be the designated leader of the pack. Cute little fella I must say.


The Joy of Receiving

30 Jun

It was thoughtful that M1 sent a birthday present to M2 for her upcoming birthday. The parcel arrived timely yesterday while the card came last week; M2 was so excited. We were too! It’s been a while since we received a parcel with such excitement, the last being my Blundstone boots in December.

My second baby is all grown up and turns 14 today. Although M1 is not here with us to celebrate, we know she’s thinking of this occasion in her heart. It may be a school day but we can make an exception. Dinner will be all M2’s favorites.

Happy birthday my M2! 

Look what the postman brought?

I Officially Migrated

21 Apr


Like a child giddy with excitement over a new toy, I could not tame the butterflies in my tummy as I fiddled with my spanking new Apple iPhone5S. Yes, last Friday I officially migrated to the new device, opening the present ten days before my birthday.

Goodbye iPhone4, I loved you and you served me well but you chose your destiny and I didn’t have a choice; and hello iPhone5S, this is the beginning of a new love. I hope we will have many wonderful moments, build lots of memories and fun together despite my short fingers needing to stretch to reach the top row of apps and the home button on the half inch longer phone.