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A Historic Day

10 May

I don’t normally like to write about politics but today’s a significant day for my country, Malaysia. I can now truly say I am a proud Malaysian and a patriotic one too.

People power rose to the occasion yesterday during our most important election ever in our country’s history, the 14th General Elections. And people power voted and threw out the incumbent government who has ruled the country for the last 61 years since our independence in 1957. The wish for a better nation came through. Well done fellow Malaysians!

As we celebrate this transition with two days of Public Holiday, the country will begin to pick herself up again in many areas, be united and stand proud of her diversity. A historic day indeed.


I voted. Indelible ink on my finger as proof of my duty. Color darkened as time passed!



Bored to Tears

1 Dec

The year-end school holidays has just started and M2 is bored to tears staying at home. She claims that there’s nothing to do. So for that, I insisted that she should continue to do her revision daily because next year is an important exam year for her. Make use of the time at home rather than idle away doing nothing.

I don’t remember facing the same predicament when I was 16 because I had my tree to climb, the garden to play in and lovely weather to be outdoors during the dinosaur years. Unfortunately in this era, the tree in the garden is not worthy to be climbed, the garden is soggy and it’s been raining constantly. I guess I cannot fault her for complaining.

Well, thank goodness today is yet another public holiday so she’s getting a break. We are taking a short day trip to discover a new town using the new elevated highway that was officially opened just two days ago. And of course, road trips that we take usually include food and discovery of more food! Hopefully this will quell the boredom.

Oh my waistline is all I can say…

Exam Week, Part 2

23 Oct

The exams continue this week for M2 after the week long break. I must say she diligently did her revision throughout the week although we took a break on Wednesday to go watch a movie. Only because it was a public holiday and we were off.

Hopefully all that effort will pay off. All the best M2!

Busy Days Ahead

22 Sep

It’s a blessing in disguise as today is yet another public holiday! There’s so much carving to do.

The last two balsa wood that I bought not too long ago are all carved up. So I need more and last weekend, I decided to buy four, double the usual two that I normally get.

Obviously there will be a boom in Gigglesville as one piece would yield 12 citizens; with four pieces, wow, busy days ahead for me! It’s just a matter of how much time I would take, not how many I can make.

And with the arrival of the new tools, busy days ahead indeed; the three day long weekend is most welcomed.

Good Start

3 Jan

With New Year’s Day being on a Sunday, Monday was a replacement holiday, so we didn’t have to work. But the day wasn’t wasted being a couch potato like most times. 

I was determined to get back in shape with the start of the new year. After all those intensive eating with M1 back, my waistline has happily expanded. Sigh… the will has not been strong enough to resist the temptations of our local food, Vietnamese food and more of local food.

My trainer obliged us with a gym session at an earlier time from the usual time slot – hubby, myself and M1 went but M2 opted out. Dang! It was torturous. After three weeks laying off exercise, suddenly going back at it was quite a challenge. 

Thankfully we survived. With that, I’d say it’s a good start to begin the year!

Blessing in Disguise

4 Oct

I thought Monday being a replacement holiday was a blessing in disguise because I stayed up until the wee hours of the morning on Sunday to watch the Ryder Cup until almost the end. The singles battles were thrilling and was of epic proportions especially certain match ups. Sleep and the comfort of my bed could not match them!

And when one stays up until 5.30am, it sure would be tough to wake up three hours later to get ready to go to the office. Thankfully it didn’t have to be like that. Never have I been so caught up with live showing of any sports and following it so closely, not even the recent Olympics because of the time difference; sometimes it’s a putt off. But not so with this year’s Ryder Cup and the 13-hours time difference.

It was worth it! Well done Team USA.

Short Week

16 Sep

It has been a surreal week. There was a public holiday on Monday and again today, making this week the shortest work week that I can remember. We had to rush things for work the week before in preparation for an important presentation on Tuesday and then not wanting the 3-day weekend to be over. And now, we have another 3-day weekend ahead. Although it’s nice to have this kind of work week, it does not occur often but so far, twice within such a short span, we have to thank our lucky stars.

So we face a nice long weekend and it’s been raining non-stop since this morning. What can we do? Snuggle in bed and if the weather persists to be like this over the weekend, I may end up being a couch potato. Happy long weekend people!


It’s Been Good

29 Jul

Hubby and I are not working the last two days because of the public holidays. We have had a long four day weekend and the girls have a week off from school this week. Unlike in previous years where we’d take the opportunity to go away, this time, we decided not to go anywhere and just enjoy the city. So far, we’ve been having fun, doing simple things together – going to the movies, eating different kinds of food, shopping, sleeping and just being carefree.

We also managed to do separate things – hubby and I golfed with friends, M1 visiting and hanging out with her friends and M2 catching up with her TV shows. Bottom line, everyone is happy.

Today, we take a short road trip to a fishing village just to eat some seafood. Awesome meal awaits us. Then we come home to sleep it off so that tonight, we dine with my sibling and his family.