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Too Much, Too Little

21 Aug

It was a clear case of too much, too little of everything that had M3 zonked out by 10pm last night.

From her arrival to our country, to the school for activities, to our home and doing more stuff, there was hardly time to rest. Coupled with an unfortunate sleepless night, no thanks to our mosquitoes, M3 was so exhausted to the point of being nauseous.

Earlier yesterday I commented to hubby on how I wish I had her energy when I travel. “We were only young once,” sighed hubby dearest. Indeed. But even then with M3’s youthfulness and exuberance, exhaustion got the better of her.

This morning, after the triple assault on the army of mosquitoes, I am glad to say she was well rested and back to her bubbly self and ready for another adventurous day ahead!