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A New Scheme

13 Nov

There is a reason for M2’s new found efforts to do well for the exams. I initiated this new rewards program after the mid-terms disappointment, that one another story by itself. The new scheme worked out well for the 3rd exam of the year and she was totally motivated. So we are hoping for the same results or better for the year-end finals.

It’s very simple, really. Since we have stopped going for long family vacations, trips are no longer the incentive, the last one being the Great Road Trip Adventure under the Carrots Reward Program in 2012. Also it’s just odd to travel afar so soon without M1. Maybe next year…

Anyway, it’s all about what you do is what you get.

For every ‘A’ achieved, my payout to M2 is twenty dollars; a ‘B’ would be ten and a ‘C’ nothing. But if a ‘D’ is obtained, she has to pay me back a twenty. I think this scheme works out well as M2, at 14, is old enough to understand the meaning of working hard to be rewarded besides appreciating the value of money.

I Need to be 40kgs

24 Jun

“Mummy! I am 37 kgs!” M2 announced proudly one day.

“I need to be 40kg so that we can travel again!” she continued.

It is no secret that I set some unusual guidelines when it comes to family travels. Besides the Carrots Reward Program that I have for the girls for doing well in school, there is this weight requirement rule.

Two years ago, when I was planning our US Great Adventure Road Trip, I imposed the ruling that M2 needs to be 30kgs to withstand the 30-hour journey from here to the Land of Opportunity. She hit the target (besides the both of them meeting the school targets) and off we went.

It is 2014 now and while there is talk of going here, there and far away, the travel plans are still up in the air. So whenever the girls ask where we will go this year, I would remind that M2 needs to reach 40kgs.

“London? Paris? Australia? New Zealand? Florida?”

“40kgs then we talk.”

Carrots are Good, Part 2

20 Aug

The carrots are being dangled again this year! I figured if it worked last year for the girls with the reward being ‘The Great Adventure Road Trip to USA’, this year we will do a regional destination for its city and the islands. I love this Asean country for its food, golf courses and shopping. Both M1 and M2 have never been there but I think they are old enough now to appreciate the culture and the food, besides the shopping and sights. Also this time, I dispensed with secrecy and let it be known where and when. So the girls know what is at stake and what they have to do in order to enjoy the reward, pocket money for spending included!

The current August school holidays has ended with two weeks of staying put and not much excitement on the homefront. M2 has exactly three weeks to her big UPSR exam while M1 has the year end to show her results. She promised she will not be watching anymore ‘Friends’ until the year-end exams are over; I hope she keeps to her word.

Having made all these exciting travel plans with the children, suddenly a curve ball was thrown when we were summoned to Singapore for a year-end wedding.

Both M1 and M2 are really enthusiastic about Singapore as well but hubby is a little bit concerned. Three destinations. Uh-oh… so much traveling, so little time!