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My Goodness

23 Apr

I have heard and read many stories about the Chinese from mainland China on how rude they are as tourists when traveling abroad. I am sorry to say this about them but this morning, we experienced the rudeness firsthand. 

At 5.15am before our alarm went off, we were woken up by a loud commotion in the hallway of our hotel floor.

Unable to stomach it, I grumpily opened my front door and stared daggers at these several people talking so loudly outside their room door, four doors away from us. My goodness! Can you crank it up a wee bit more so that the floors above and below can hear you as well? Sheesh.

There was absolutely no consideration at all for the other guests as they bickered for a good five minutes. When hubby opened our door again to shush them, they just stared at him as if he was the one creating the disturbance. Sheesh.

Obviously I cannot go back to sleep. Might as well get ready for our last game at Lam Lu Ka.