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Goodbye Spidey!

27 Feb

It was a hot and humid Sunday morning; M1 went for her usual Physics and Chemistry tuition and we were home idling the hours away until it was time to fetch her. Frustrated by the non-progress in my Candy Crush attempts at Level 500, I decided to channel my energy to clean out M2’s wardrobe instead. This was a long overdue dreaded chore that I had put off for the longest time possible until now.

M2 has clothes that she has outgrown and we needed to look through them to either throw or give away. The piles were growing… from tee shirts, singlet, shorts to school uniforms and pyjamas. As we were going through each item, we stumbled upon her superhero pyjamas!

Wow. Quite a collection she has… Batman, The Incredibles and Spider-Man. Spidey was her favorite so much so, she had two sets of it in the original colors (red and blue) and one in black. We reminisced for a bit on Spidey and decided she’s passed the stage donning hero jammies; after all M2 is going on 13 this year and we didn’t think she can fit into them anymore.

So goodbye Spidey (and others), you were cool and will be missed. Reluctantly, all the superheroes were placed in the give-away pile. But she kept the Spidey masks for old time’s sake.