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Two More to Go

27 Nov

M2’s SPM exam feels like an eternity even for us! Thank goodness, she is almost at the tail end of it. There’s one subject today, two more subjects to go and then we are so done with it.

M2 is managing well, so are we. I think the three of us deserve a little break once the final paper is finished next week.

A Proud Moment

27 Apr

I can’t remember the last time I went up on stage with an auditorium full of audience. What more to receive an award. Or awards. It was indeed a very proud moment for hubby and I to be able to savor this moment as M1’s high school awarded her with various study awards.

It was a cloudy Saturday afternoon when the Awards Day took place at a music auditorium. Initially hubby and I agreed we would take turns to go on stage to receive the five awards that M1 has achieved. But in the end, it was me who went up to receive all because hubby was on Skype with her for her to witness the moment live. She stayed up past midnight to be with us for this occasion.

Her decorated awards are Best Student in two subjects, Leadership Award as Head Librarian, Best Student for her school year (2014), Best Top Scorer (10A’s) in the 2014 national public exam, SPM, and Overall Outstanding Student of the school. The last award, the Tan Sri Dato’ Asiah Award, is the highest accolade from the school to the most outstanding student for the school year and it was my M1 who took this honor. I had some watery eyes when I went on stage for this final acknowledgment to receive the award on her behalf.

No parents could be more proud than hubby and I are of our firstborn. This must be what good parenting is about. Her achievements are also our achievements. Her glory, our glory. As she is now away in university, the distance has not dampened the moment and we are truly blessed with such a wonderful child.


A Very Good Day!

3 Mar

I must admit in between the precious moments with M1 before she leaves, I have been at my games as well. I have made much progress for Candy Crush, Farm Heroes and Candy Crush Soda, at Level 844, Level 701 and Level 223 respectively.

I was stuck at both the candy games for sometime but today proved to be a good day; I finally succeeded for Candy Crush and waiting for tickets now to move on to the next chapter and also for Candy Crush Soda, at Level 225 now.

But the day got even better as we went to school to get M1’s SPM results, released today after the three month wait. I am one proud mama to say that she scored straight ‘A’s for the ten subjects she took! It was tears of joy as I hugged my baby.

A very good and happy day.

The Bags are Packed!

4 Dec

M1’s SPM exam is finally over. Yesterday was the last of it. Phew! It’s been exactly a month and frankly, I would have died enduring the length of the exam. Thank goodness she prevailed and we all survived. To celebrate the end of it, we are all going away for a much deserved holiday! So the bags are packed, we are ready, come tomorrow, off we go!

I can’t wait. Whee…

Almost There

20 Nov

Every child is different in their ability and strength. We should never compare in order to nurture and coax the child to grow in confidence. Having said that, it is evident that my M1 and M2 are different in their abilities. As far as studies are concerned, I never have to worry about one but the other, well, a lot of nurturing along the way. But we never compare.

While M1 is still facing her SPM exams, final year-end exams for M2 came and went. The target has been set again—just to push her a little—for her to achieve and have a sense of satisfaction. However, it is set slightly lower than before; she requested for this ‘magical’ number. I could not maintain nor raise it higher than the 80 mark, set for the mid-term earlier, because she and I both agreed it will never be achieved. So in order not to demoralize her, we agreed to set it at 74, an overall average for all the subjects.

I figured better to have something within reach to motivate her rather than something impossible then she will never try hard or taste success. She missed the mid-term mark by a mile and was very demoralized about it.

As it is, some results have come back earlier in the week; she had hits and misses and the average worked out to be 71. Then the next day, four more subjects came back and amazingly, the average went up to 73! Almost there…

But there are 5 more subjects to come back. Let’s just hope she achieves it and understands the meaning of hard work, perseverance and success. The reward: the long awaited inheritance of my old iPhone4.

No More Golfing Trips?

29 Aug

After my last golf trip to Kuching in July (the third for this year alone), I declared no more golfing trips. Well, I lied.

Roping hubby along, tomorrow I travel with a big group by bus to the East of the Peninsular for a short 3D/2N outing, playing three rounds of golf. Unlike the previous trips of at least 4 days, this is considered short – just 3 days.

The girls are pretty happy with us being away for we won’t be constantly breathing down their necks to prepare for their exams. As it is, M1 is sitting for her trial exam (it started yesterday) before the real big SPM exam in November, while M2 basically just have to catch up with constant revision.

While I don’t have to worry about them as the maid can take care of them, I just hope they can remain focused and prioritize what it important without getting carried away with distractions when the study police is away.