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Munch Pot 2.0

12 Mar

Our garden is just a wonderful place for the creatures that come visiting. Birds, treating our place as their private kitchen, come daily to feast on the bird seeds put out for them. There’s also squirrels that bound through the hedges happily like their little playground. One of the squirrel, a rascal, will eat official pet number one’s leftover dog food or boldly come into the house and help itself to bananas (if we have this) on the kitchen counter.


The garden thrives because hubby has the green fingers, not me. I hardly venture out because I stay indoors in my little area to do my carving. Even if I do go out, it’s more at the terrace to do mostly sawing, hammering, cutting or drilling, never beyond the tiled boundary for gardening. So it was a bit of a surprise when I discovered the habanero plant has grown as tall as me! And the chillis are plentiful. I have shared so much of our harvest with friends and family.

The thriving garden also had us discovering a new caterpillar! This time on the Calamansi Lime tree at the side. I wouldn’t have known if hubby didn’t tell me. You could say it’s Munch Pot 2.0.


This time I decided to take its measurement with a ruler to keep track of its growth. As of now, it’s 2cm long. I hope this little fella will grow well and won’t disappear mysteriously like Munch Pot who used to be at the Calamansi Lime tree in front of the house.


Pesky Intruder, Part 2

1 May

The pesky intruder struck again yesterday morning! Darn it. Whilst hubby was accompanying official pet number one to the garden terrace, the pesky intruder quietly came in to the dry kitchen, jumped onto the island counter and nibbled away at the plastic bag of the new loaf of bread.

I discovered the evidence when I walked into the kitchen. There were little bits of plastic all over the counter and a gaping hole in the bag. It didn’t get to the actual bread but the damage was enough. And what riled us was not just the new loaf, the old loaf, placed near the toaster, was nibbled at too. Grr…

Obviously both loaves of bread had to be thrown away and the place was wiped down properly for we can’t chance any disease even though we didn’t come into direct contact with the squirrel.

This is the third time we’ve discovered the intrusion. The first was the banana; the second time, it was toast. Yep, you read that right. Pesky squirrel came right in to the toaster and helped itself to the toast that hubby made.

We have to be even more vigilant now than ever.

Pesky Intruder

12 Mar

Three weekends ago, we had a pesky intruder coming into the dry kitchen whilst official pet number one was away at the garden terrace. Normally when Rooney stays in the wet kitchen area, guarding the entrance to the dry kitchen, the squirrel would not venture close.

Hubby bought a bunch of bananas and it smelled so fragrant, the pesky intruder must have caught a whiff of it and daringly came in to help himself to the banana! The audacity of him.

And not once or twice it came but thrice and each time, I had to chase it out. Twice out the window and once out the door to the wet kitchen. I guess we can’t leave the door or windows open and unguarded especially when there’s fruits on the kitchen counter.

Why Not?

28 Aug

Not too long ago, a friend posted an adorable picture on Facebook which showed a cute little door at the foot of a tree for the neighborhood squirrels. She befittingly named them Mr and Mrs Squirrel, the squirrels that is, not the neighbor. Who made the door, she wasn’t sure but I thought it was adorable and got me thinking.

We already have a bird house for the visiting birds but no ‘home’ set up for the visiting squirrels. And since we have a frangipani tree in our garden, why not—just for fun—make a door just like that posting so that Sammy and Lefty (that’s the name I call our visiting squirrels) can feel more at home.

Maybe I should divert to this if I am still stuck for inspiration for a new Gigglesville’s citizen?

Sex in the Garden

6 Jun

This morning when I was at the kitchen, I spotted Sammy and Lefty in the garden. They quickly scurried behind the bushes but not in time for me to see one trying to hump the other. Sex in the garden… Heaven forbids!

I hope this will not result in babies because these squirrels poop everywhere – in the garden, in front of the house and even at the car porch. And babies will mean we have to take care of them! We have enough on our hands taking care of all our pets plus the birds that come on a daily basis for breakfast and dinner.

Sammy once tried to go inside Rooney’s cage just to rile him up. Mean. So if I see them trying to be kinky, I will definitely break up their little tryst.

Weird Weather Again

30 May

Last week it was so hot, the friendly squirrel, Sammy came out and just sprawled itself on the garden deck. It didn’t look like it was taking in some sun but rather, succumbing briefly to the mad heat that we were experiencing.

I watched it from the kitchen and estimated Sammy was ‘down’ for a good five minutes. Quite a sight…

This week? It’s gloomy, wet and cold, and Sammy is nowhere in sight. Weird weather we are having.



6 Apr

Sammy the squirrel has been frequenting the wall and scrounging from the two trays left there. One morning, we put some leftover corn on the bigger tray, hoping it (or Lefty) would eat the corn instead but no. Sammy chose to eat bird seeds from the smaller tray. Why?

Sometimes even official pet number one, Rooney, would want some bird seeds besides his doggy treats. There must be something about the taste or flavor. Maybe I should try some to see what the appeal is.

Hmm… Food for thought.

See the yellow on the big tray? It’s corn

Feeding Them All

16 Feb

The new office being so close to home sure is nice because we avoid the evening rush hour on the highway and we are able to arrive home early. No jam, no stress.

The only downside for me is I don’t get the sheer driving pleasure of driving my car because the distance is too short to step on it. Oh well.

So the past few evenings when we are home early, we would put some seeds out for the birds to eat. What started out as just a morning feed with two mini trays on the wall to enjoy watching the little birds has now become a routine two-meal feed. Even the bigger birds join in!

One evening, we were late getting home and found the little birds hopping on the terrace table and chairs, staring at the food container. And we saw some that cannot wait getting down onto the ground, pecking at leftovers on the grass.

While they may seem very demanding, a meal on hand is always appreciate over having to look for scraps. I am not complaining because it’s nice to see a thriving community of birds creating some nice chirping and activity in the garden. So much so, we bought more bird seeds and added a pack of food for the squirrels too. Might as well feed them all.


Daily Visits

10 Nov

The birds have been coming daily and it sure is nice to have my coffee with chirping in the background. Sometimes it is not just the birds that visit.

Yesterday somebody’s cat was lurking ready to pounce on the feathered ones. And the squirrel, I suspect it’s Sammy, the one who eats Rooney’s leftover senior citizen food, was present too, stealing in some bites! Why? Did Rooney not leave any crumbs behind?

Maybe it’s the taste of the birdseeds for it certainly can’t be the birdhouse because I don’t see any of these critters chilling in front of it. Whatever it is, I am just simply glad they are visiting on a daily basis and thoroughly enjoy them.


Again and Again

24 Oct

The birds finally came. And they continued to come over the weekend as long as the food was replenished. But they also fought, almost territorial behavior. There was even one who perched on the pole of the little birdhouse and checked out the inside as if contemplating moving in. Nice!

This morning the boisterous chirping greeted me when I came downstairs. And I was pleasantly surprised with the sight – nine little birds, sitting on the wall. I wasn’t quick enough to capture them on my iPhone.

Suddenly along came a busybody of a squirrel who decided to scurry over to see what the fuss was about. Now this squirrel is not the one whom I call Sammy. Sammy hangs out near at the kitchen side of the house and comes around when Rooney does not finish his food, which is often. Sammy is fine with leftover senior citizen food. This other squirrel is new.

It hopped from the frangipani tree onto the wall, causing the birds to fly off, did a quick sniff at the seeds and just as quickly left. Now if it comes around more often, I may have to give it a name too. We shall see…

One little brave birdie stood firm