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A New Tracker, Part 2

19 Aug

I have been using a fitness tracker for many years and currently using the wearable Xiaomi Mi Band2. I started off with the simple Tanita pedometer that tracks steps, distance and calories. It was perfect until I misplaced it.

So when we were in Paris back in 2013, I used an app on my iPhone to track my steps. But that didn’t work out too well. I remember I lost count on several thousand steps when I was walking from one museum to another. Upset, I bought another tracker from Decathlon, a sports store in Paris to use.

But the Geonaute OnStep 100 pedometer was big and clunky and I was stuck with it until out of the blue, I found my first pedometer. I ended up alternating each to use. And it was a hassle because of battery replacement issues.

Soon after, the Xiaomi Mi Band 1S came about and I was on to it, casting the two pedometers aside. Now, with the latest Mi Band2, missed counts, dead batteries and clunkiness are no longer an issue to stress over and the Mi Band 1S joins the other two in retirement despite having new replacement strap.

You served me well, thanks