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At a Crossroad, Part 2

8 Jun

The thought of getting another tattoo cropped up last year and again, right around my birthday in April. It is both exciting and worrying. Exciting because it’s something new, akin to a new toy. Worrying because I may not like it. At a crossroad…

What should I get?

Seeing that I am a dinosaur nowadays, maybe a tattoo of one would be good…


At a Crossroad

26 Apr

Lately I have been contemplating getting another tattoo. I don’t know why but it’s been on my mind. Perhaps the impending birthday being the trigger? Age catching up? Facing the fact that I am not forever 38

I am pondering what suitable graphics to go on me, seeing that it will be a permanent thing. Hmm…

My current tattoo on my right shoulder blade is fine and happy but I feel it needs a companion. So the new tattoo shouldn’t just be a motif or pattern but another animal.

Hmm again. At a crossroad in my life now…

Don’t You Want A Piercing?

18 Jun

Girls will be girls. But I guess I am not, somewhat. When M1 was six, she had her ears pierced. But it took 13 years before M2 had her ears pierced. All this while, she has been afraid and that’s why it took this long act on it. And we felt the fear and anticipation of the piercing was far more terrifying than the actual pain.

To show her support, M1 accompanied M2 and she (M1) got her second set of piercing while M2 had her first. This was last year.

Two weeks ago, M2 wanted a second set of piercing! Where did the bravery come from? But as M1 is away at university, hubby nudged me to do it, to show my support.

Did I do it? Well, I’d rather have another tattoo than having my ear lobes punched.

Can We Have a Tattoo?

10 Jul

An innocent mind is a simple mind. But an innocent question isn’t a simple question; it can be a mind boggling challenge. 

Several years back when I got myself a cute little tattoo, both my girls were fascinated by it and asked if they could also have a tattoo like mine. Hmm…

So I said yes, whipped out a marker pen and drew the same cute little character that I have on their arms. And did this every weekend for sometime before the novelty wore off.