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The Taste of Fall

16 Oct

It’s amazing what one can find from Tesco. On our third day in Krabi recently—when it rained and we had to alter our activity plans—we checked out Tesco Lotus. We found Pepperidge Farm’s Caramel Apple Pie cookies, a flavor we never saw (or noticed) in the grocery stores back home. So we bought it and brought it back.

Several nights later after the holiday, we decided to eat it.

“Mummy, before you ask for the cookies, let me ask you something,” M2 started off and then continued, “Have you ever wondered what Fall tastes like?”

“Fall has a taste? I never knew,” I replied, somewhat amused.

“These cookies. They taste like Fall!” quipped my second child.

“Aren’t they awesome?” she rolled her eyes in bliss as she took a bite and shared the rest of the cookie with me.

I’m not sure if one can taste the Fall season. Either the packaging design is effective to evoke her reminiscing of Fall or she’s seen something like this on the internet, it’s hard to tell. I have to find out one of these days.

As for cookie, it tasted just like a cookie to me.


Change of Plans

5 Oct

We lunched at Akanak Resort and watched the intermittent rain, glad in a way we are not caught in the rain or stranded on an island. I don’t think it’s fun this way.

Our driver is a good host, planning our menu again for dinner. We didn’t have to worry what and where to eat, it’s all taken care of. Then instead of just sitting around, we decided to go shopping. After all, we have the umbrellas with us to walk the streets if the rain is just a slight drizzle. If it gets any heavier, we can always go to Tesco! Hahahaha…

We ended up at Jee-or Souvenir Shop. The girls bought souvenirs for their friends. Nothing caught my fancy because firstly, I’ve collected enough Thai souvenirs and secondly I have Krabi fridge magnets already. The weather continues to be threatening with another downpour as we head into Krabi town.

The next stop being Outlet Village. Nothing interesting so we moved on and ended up at Tesco Lotus! Heheh… Told you we will come here.

Well, what else can we do and where else can we go in this rained out situation? Everyone did not mind as we filled the trolley with junk food! And being silly showing off our DQ Blizzards.

In the end, I think the day went well and now we head back to the villa, satisfied and happy.