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The Oldest Thing

15 Jun

Sunday was the last day of the two weeks holiday. Having not gone anywhere the last two weeks because we had project deadlines to meet, M2 just stayed home and watched a lot of videos online. Yesterday, we decided to indulge her and brought her to the mall and watched ‘Jurassic World’.

But I was also in the mood to buy something and suddenly, I had the urge to buy a Beatles CD! I don’t know why, I guess that’s why it’s called an urge. So I told M2 to help look for it. 

She found The Beatles’ Red Album, 1962-1966 and showed me. I told her I have the album already but alas, it is in the cassette form.

“Cassette?! Oh… That’s the oldest thing I’ve ever heard you say,” she said. 

Gosh. Am I such a dinosaur? Or maybe it’s the generation of today that are not exposed to great things of the past. The cassette being one thing, The Beatles the other. The oldest thing, hrmph.