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Because Ah!

5 Jun

When M1 was a toddler and talking a mile a minute, it was quite heartwarming to listen to her. Whenever faced with a situation, we would query her and she’d seriously reply, “Because…. ah.”

Not quite how to react to the answer initially, we would probe, “Because ah? There must be a reason!” and she’d go, “Because…. ah laa!” in a pitch higher, for emphasis, than the previous phrase stated and the case will be closed. It became quite amusing as this was always the standard answer. Regardless of situation, it is always “Because… ah” that clarifies all.

This phrase is still being used at home whenever we have conversations. It’s the mother of all answers to clarify the situation, any situation. Don’t ask how or why, else I’d happily tell you, “Because…. ah.” and further emphasize with “Because…. ah laa!” to end it all if you didn’t comprehend in the first place.

Despite this rule, somehow the girls have forgotten. One day, we were chatting away and the girls ask me something, and I replied, “Because… ah.”

“You call that an answer?” M1 questioned incredulously, obviously having forgotten the golden rule of answering initiated by her.

“Because…. ah laa!” and this clarified all. The end. Finito.


23 Dec

Recently, I found my old Palm T device and decided to boot it up, which was a good thing for I discovered many recordings that I did of the two girls when they were very young.

Listening to the old voice recordings brought much laughter and memories back.

M2 was just kindie-going when she first learnt how to spell. I guess ‘RED’ is the first one a toddler learns in school. And along with it, they also learn how to spell their name.

It was at a family Christmas gathering that we put her on the pedestal, proudly to show off what she has learnt that first year.

“Spell your name,” I gently coaxed her.

Loudly and confidently, she went,“R-E-D. Mabel Red!” Surprise caught everyone then laughter broke out in the family.

“Mabel red?” I asked, wide-eyed.

“Yes. I am Shiny Red Apple,” she beamed at me. Well, it was Christmas, spirits were high and happy, we all had a good laugh about it.

Ahh… Such memories.

M2 is twelve this year (how time flies!) and no, we won’t put her on the pedestal this coming Christmas.