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New Colors, New Paintings

4 May

For two weeks in a row, we had two three-day weekends. From the work perspective, it’s not good because the work week has been shortened to four days but from the personal perspective, it’s really nice.

The weekend before, we drove up to Taiping and had a really waist-expanding gastronomic trip. But this week, we stayed put which turned out to be a really good thing too.

I bought new colors, 10 tubes to be exact, got an easel as a birthday gift (from hubby, no golf-related stuff this year) and more canvases.

The will to paint was strong and I whipped up three pieces on Sunday, doing another two pieces of the Penang Bridge in two different sizes and started a new subject matter: Uluwatu sunset. And on Monday, we were just chilling at home, I painted another Uluwatu sunset, this time fine-tuned the blending and another experimental color blend piece.

Such bliss.



Chasing the Sunset

13 Oct

It was another case of chasing the sunset. Traffic was horrendous, worst than a snail’s pace and had us all worried what if we missed another sunset again?

Komang drove like a maniac and managed to get us to Uluwatu on time. It was unusually packed that even the customary sarong that one should wear ran out.

We didn’t mind this as we walked quickly to some good spots to capture pretty sunset moments. Then realization and disappointment hit!

Tickets for the Kecak Dance was sold out! Oh no! To come all the way here and find tickets all sold out was quite a disappointment. Such mixed emotions within a short span. Luckily the disappointment didn’t last long. We were all busy taking pretty sunset pictures again.

Midway, I asked how come there were no monkeys? Hubby said it was Sunday and it’s their day off. Hardy-har-har.

Soon after he said that, one appeared. Then another, and another! Oops. Better be careful with your things.

We walked out of the monkey zone, keeping an ever watchful eye on any approaching and waited at a bright spot for KW and GH who were both snapping their cameras away. After a while, a whole hoard of monkeys came out from the trees behind us! Eeeks. Who said it was their day off? Better move to a brighter spot and SW kept close to us.

Verdict on today’s outing I’d say is a mixed one. Too much time was spent traveling from one point to another and being caught in several traffic snarls. Somehow it’s different from yesterday where we traveled as much, if not more. Now as we make yet another long journey back to Kuta, I’m thinking did we plan today well or not? Hmm.

Tomorrow is our last day in Bali but I think my team of three designers enjoyed themselves despite the many long car rides. After all, it is part and parcel of wanting to see all and do all when in Bali in such a short time.

I asked hubby if he would come again? He scoffed at me and said the question should not be if but when we would come again. Despite some shortcomings and unexpected outcome, I wouldn’t be surprised if we came back soon.

Today’s count: 13,847 steps, 3.86kcal and 7.01km!