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Not a Typical Monday

19 Jan

It wasn’t a typical Monday; we went for a concert after work. My last outing to a concert was several years ago with M1 for a Westlife performance. Yes, boy band I know but I simply adore Westlife. I made M1 go with me and not the other way around of the teenager asking the mother to accompany her.

Last night, Chicago was in town for their ‘Chicago Live in Concert’ tour. M2 calls it old folks’ music but heck! It’s live, up close and on a Monday night, what more could one ask for?

We even did a mouth watering leisurely Japanese dinner as we managed to beat the traffic jam stretch and still had time before the concert started.

We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. The band members may be old and probably grandfather status but they were so full of energy during the two hours, it was amazing. I sang along especially when familiar songs were belted out and in the process, setback my recovery from laryngitis. 

Oh well. It was worth it. Wonderful Monday night for a change.


Tuna Salad


Mango Unagi roll and Beef slices


Chicago Live in KL!