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Willamette Valley Vineyards

27 Jun

We drove to Willamette Valley Vineyards after having lunch with M1 and joined their 2.00pm daily tour. It was a really small group, just us, our guide and three new employees.

The weather was lovely to be outside too as we toured the grounds. When we were indoors, we saw all the facilities, from the lab, bottling and packaging sections to the cellars.

After our tour, we stayed on for wine tasting. We tried the two choices on their Tasting Flights menu which consisted of the Daily Tasting and the Reserve Tasting. Basically the difference being the former had more whites and the latter, more reds.

Both choices had very nice flavors, we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. So much so, we bought two bottles from the list – the 2016 Pinot Blanc and the 2017 Tualatin Estate Semi-Sparkling Muscat; and we will drink them this evening.

Willamette Valley Vineyards is a must-visit if one ever visits Oregon. They get my thumbs up.


Win-Win-Win-Win Situation

11 Apr

This 16/8 diet seems to be really good for me. So far, coupled with my activities, it’s been effective – I feel good and there’s more to this. That’s why I call it a win-win-win-win situation.

The 16/8 is strictly on weekdays but I have lost weight. Win number one.

On weekends, I play golf. Win number two. And after golf, a nice lunch where I would eat and basically don’t restrict myself. I only avoid food that can cause discomfort due to my Endometriosis. But as I now eat at a 16/8 time frame, my tummy has shrunk and no matter what nice food are on the table, I don’t eat a lot.

The best part, I also drink during lunch. Win number three. A couple of whiskey shots, not necessarily excessive but enough to feel good. Sometimes at home at night, a glass of wine to relax. Alcohol, I must admit is one thing I can’t give up. I should stay away from beer though because unlike, wine and whiskey, I tend to drink more and that’s not good.

And I wouldn’t say I eliminated sugar totally as I do find myself snacking on some candies and cookies occasionally during the window to eat. Win number three and a half?

For the final win number four? Carving of course! I have turned to balsa for now because the existing stock pile of Meranti wood are not the right sizes for carving any Whales or even Gnomes. Basically a lot more work is needed to cut them to size and I avoided this to preserve the wrist prior to the Iron Challenge golf tournament.

But now that the tournament is done and over, I am in a good place to go back to carving, first with balsa to increase the population count of my Citizens of Gigglesville and eventually back on Meranti. What a win-win-win-win situation indeed.

On Track, Part 3

22 Mar

It’s Friday and the weigh-in day to gauge my progress. It’s Week Four of the weight loss challenge and I am thrilled to say, being on track and staying disciplined is actually quite a fun and uplifting thing to do when you see the results!

I thought I wouldn’t fare too good this week because mid-week, I met up with friends at the bar for dinner and drinks. Two drinks to be exact, a glass of white wine and half a pint of Kronenbourg 1664 beer. I even snacked in the office this whole week, and had one Kisses chocolate yesterday without guilt though.

I do notice it doesn’t matter what I ate, just as long as I don’t go overboard, but when I ate that was critical. This is the essence of the 16/8 diet after all. The next day after that bar visit, I maintained the 16 hours window with a later lunch than usual. And this morning, standing on the bathroom scale, it’s a number to be proud of. Officially, from 25 February until today, I have lost 4.1lbs! Woo hoo…

I am now 1.6lbs away from my set goal weight. Although it’s not 15lbs that I had mentioned that got me started on this challenge, losing 4.1lbs in total is quite an achievement by itself within a month. So proud of myself. Of course, if I stuck to the three months time frame, and knowing now this works, 15lbs is not impossible.

But perhaps once I do get to shedding the balance (1.6lbs), I will take a break and decide later if I want to embark on the second phase to lose more weight because I like how I feel now. We shall see.

Back to School

11 Sep

M1 has officially completed her internship at the end of August and it was an excellent two months of learning and exposure to the seafood industry. Hubby and I are very proud of her and this experience will indeed be useful for her in the future.

Looking at what she has been doing, it looks like this Food Science student is leaning more towards seafood than cheese, wine or beer. Shucks. I would gladly be her guinea pig for wine or beer experiments if she ever needs my input!

She is now back on campus to the start Fall classes as a Junior. How time flies…

Fat Bird, Part 3

21 Aug

While we appreciate Fat Bird and the pair of birds visiting our home, there’s another Fat Bird that we appreciate more. Specifically, it’s a Sauvignon Blanc from the Marlborough region in New Zealand.

Lovely wine. Highly recommended!

Satisfying a Craving 

21 Aug

I hardly have cravings, I just indulge. A glass of wine, Ben & Jerry’s ice cream, some chocolate, you know… the usual decadent stuff once in a while. Last Friday I suddenly find myself craving durian, the King of fruits.

It’s been said when you crave something, most likely you are pregnant. The last time I had a strong craving, I was pregnant with M1 and I specifically remembered a strong craving for satay. Hubby had to oblige me. This time, while I am certainly and definitely not pregnant, it’s rather unexplainable that a sudden craving developed. And for durian!

We didn’t have to go far in search of it as my golf buddies came to the rescue! They were kind enough to go buy for me. I just had to pick it up after work: a tub worth at least 4kg of durian. Yum…

The minute we walked into the house, M2 groaned. The smell! It’s just too pungent for words. She opted to sit in the terrace away from the smell and played with Rooney, official pet number one. Between us and the maid, we polished off the tub.

No words can describe the smell. To say it smelly is an injustice. Then again to label it fragrant is equally incorrect. I guess one has to savor to appreciate as it’s an acquired taste. I was definitely a happy camper with my craving satisfied after the feast. Burp…


Curious About Alcohol

23 Jan

When M1 was 16, we realized she was curious about alcohol among the other things.

Whenever we have a glass of wine at home, we’d allow her to smell it and have a tiny sip. But many a times, the experience ends up with a cringed face and the tongue sticking out. Now that I reflect upon this, chances are the wine had probably gone bad! And there we were drinking it! Our hot and humid weather just doesn’t cut it to keep good wines. After several sips ourselves, down the sink it goes.

Then we’d do the alternative, having a beer with meals at restaurants. Beer tasting experiences also vary – from nice to yucks – depending on label.

I believe responsible parenting is teaching our teenager, in our presence, the wonders and dangers of alcohol rather than for her to discover on her own. She has recently turned 18 and for her birthday, we treated her to dinner and a couple of cocktails; no more mocktails.

Hah! About Time

28 Nov

Last night when we got back from dinner at a friend’s place in the city, I found that Candy Crush finally has the long awaited update for the iPad. Hah! About time, I thought and clicked on it.

Waiting, I mused over the casual dinner, smiling over the remark of the mismatched wine we all had. But does it matter? Food was hearty and delicious, company was great and ambience delightful, one can’t have it any better. Even M1 and M2 enjoyed themselves thoroughly. I suspect both have comatosed over dinner (and dessert) as they were very quiet in the car on the journey home. All in all, it’s a nice change to routine for a weekday.

And speaking of routine, not crushing candies on the laptop was suddenly an acceptable act. Honestly, I was getting tired of waiting for the update and having been stuck at Level 480 for sometime, the lengthy period has made the game lose some of its charm. Plus the fact that I only play it before going to the office and returning home does not help matter.

But oh! They are so smart this time, updating with two chapters instead of typically one! Yay. Maybe there is hope to reignite the challenge in me. Instead of just adding Sugary Shire (which I completed), Cherry Chateau (where I am stuck) has also been included. I guess I don’t have to rely on the laptop so much now until of course, I overcome 480 and come to the end of the Cherry Chateau chapter (Level 485).


Stuck at 480 for sometime now

So let the crushing of candies continue. About time too, don’t you think?

Cow’s Burp

11 Jul

A few years back when M2 discovered the joy of writing little notes and messages, she wrote a lot and scattered them here and there for me to discover. One day, I found a note listing down all my favorite things. Aww… How sweet.

Scanning the list, my heart swelled, “Golf, iPad, Travel, Wine…” she knows her mummy well. Then, “Cow’s Burp!”

Intrigued, I asked her what that was and she went, “Cow’s Burp? Oh, that is what you and daddy drink when you go out!”

“Ahh… You mean Carlsberg!” I said, totally tickled.

“Uh-huh, Cow’s Burp. Isn’t that how it is spelt?” she looked at me with eyebrows raised.

Err… not quite but close, Cow’s Burp, Carlsberg. Chortle!