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Back to the Pre-Candy Crush Era

20 Jan

Before I became a professional candy crusher, I was a farmer. I was so into farming, managing three farms simultaneously: Tap Ranch (renamed and upgraded to Dream Ranch HD now), Tap Ranch Lite and Snowy Tap Ranch, on my first gen iPad. All very different from Zynga’s FarmVille which was very popular then in Facebook. These farms appealed to me because I did not have to play online or rely on others to send me crops and things. In other words, I was a full-time independent farmer. At least that was what the girls labeled me, a farmer.

Whenever I was engrossed in the iPad, they will dutifully not disturb me because I was farming and concentration was needed to tend to my alfalfa and other crops as well as my animals. Ah… Those were the days.

Then Candy Crush struck and my status changed (I was a professional candy crusher). The farms were neglected and ignored as I crushed my way to the top of the candy saga. But my status changed again (I am now a retired professional candy crusher) at the strike of midnight into the new year. Last Friday, I downloaded yet another game from King.com to occupy my time because suddenly, I stopped reading (I don’t know why), Zookeeper Battle has not been holding my attention as much and I had deleted Papa Pear because of launch issues.

A sense of deja vu has struck because it’s a farm app: Farm Heroes Saga. Another saga to march on, like Candy Crush, but a farm, thus making me a farmer again.

Maybe I should change my status again to be a full-time farmer this time? Hmm…